USA – Snacking remains important to consumers, as the majority (71%) snack at least twice a day, regardless of rising costs and financial challenges according to the fourth annual Mondelexz International Inc “State of Snacking” report.

Developed in partnership with The Harris Poll, the survey report tracks snacking attitudes and behaviors among thousands of consumers surveyed across 12 countries to illustrate the expanding role of snaking in replacing traditional meals.

The study aimed to examine global consumer trends and point out insights on consumers’ decision-making for snacking with a focus on economic challenges specifically how they are affecting consumer snacking choices around the world

From the report, brand names still have an edge over generic when it comes to snacks with 67% of respondents saying they would buy fewer options of their favorite snack brands rather than generic alternatives, despite the cost.

Mindful snaking

According to the report, 78% of consumers reported that they take time to savor indulgent snacks, while 61% said they take time to portion out snacks before eating them.

In addition, Consumers are increasingly replacing meals with snacks, with 55% reporting a higher likelihood to eat a snack across all three standard mealtimes.

The report also highlighted sustainability which has become an issue at the front of many consumers’ minds, with seven out of 10 consumers indicating they prefer to select snacks that have less packaging and 72% saying they recycle the packaging.

“Our State of Snacking report confirms that in these trying times, consumers around the world view their favorite snacks as affordable and necessary indulgences,” said Dirk Van de Put, chairman and CEO of Mondelez International.

“Snacking continues to be a way for consumers to connect or to enjoy a moment of delight in their day, further demonstrating our belief that every snack can be enjoyed mindfully,” he added.

The survey also shows consumers are looking for snacks to meet different needs depending on lifestyle choices.

Of the respondents, 78% reported turning to a regular snack as a reward for themselves, and 77% said they turn to snacks as a sense of comfort.

With this report, Mondelez envisions moving towards providing targeted snacks to meet the consumers’ needs and preferences for the future of the business.

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