FRANCE – Adisseo, a global leader in animal nutrition and health, has announced the launch of the third edition of its International Research Grant. 

This initiative will allocate approximately US1.07 million over the next three years to fund cutting-edge research projects addressing critical challenges in animal nutrition. The pre-proposal application period is now open until September 2, 2024.

Building on the success of its previous editions, Adisseo’s International Research Grant aims to foster international collaboration among leading laboratories and drive innovation within the feed industry. 

The grant supports projects that seek to advance knowledge and provide sustainable solutions to key issues in animal nutrition, particularly for monogastric animals such as swine and poultry.

A distinguished scientific committee comprising academic experts and industry representatives from around the world will oversee the selection process. 

This committee will rigorously evaluate the proposals to ensure they align with the grant’s objectives and have the potential to address complex industry challenges.

Focus on sustainable solutions

The 2024 edition of the grant will specifically support projects investigating nutritional approaches for monogastric animals. Proposals must demonstrate how they provide significant, sustainable solutions to one or more of the following challenges:

– Addressing the Global Challenges of Climate Change: Research that explores how animal nutrition can mitigate the impact of climate change on the feed industry.

– Applying the One Health Concept in Animal Production: Projects integrating the One Health approach to improve animal, human, and environmental health through innovative nutrition strategies.

The timeline for the 2024 edition is as follows:

– Pre-proposal Application Period: Open until September 2, 2024

– Announcement of Pre-selected Projects: October 21, 2024

– Full Dossier Submission Deadline: November 29, 2024

– Final Laureates Announcement: January 20, 2025

In previous editions, the Adisseo International Research Grant received over 112 applications. Five projects were selected as laureates, reflecting the rigorous selection process and the high caliber of research proposals.

This significant funding initiative underscores Adisseo’s commitment to advancing the feed industry through collaborative research and innovation. By addressing some of the most pressing challenges in animal nutrition, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and efficient industry,” said a spokesperson from Adisseo.

The company invites researchers worldwide to submit their pre-proposals and join in the effort to pioneer new solutions in animal nutrition.

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