Adisseo releases comprehensive handbook on liquid additive application in feed

Adisseo releases comprehensive handbook on liquid additive application in feed

CHINA- Adisseo, a prominent player in the field of liquid additives and supplements, proudly announces the release of a comprehensive handbook on the application of liquid additives in feed. 

The handbook, now available, serves as a valuable resource for industry professionals seeking in-depth insights into the effective utilization of liquid micro-ingredients in the feed production process.

Liquid additives and supplements, often referred to as liquid micro-ingredients, play a crucial role in enhancing feed quality. Typically added at levels ranging from 0.1 to 5kg/metric ton, the handbook details their common inclusion stages, emphasizing either during the reception of raw materials or, in the case of feed production, in the mixing or post-pelleting phases.

The handbook begins by providing a comprehensive overview of the various additives that can be employed in liquid form. It delves into the optimal timing for their introduction during the production process and highlights the key characteristics that must be considered to ensure the right application.

One of the handbook’s strengths lies in its practical approach, offering guidance on best practices for equipment design, implementation, and monitoring. It covers crucial steps in the application of liquid additives, with a particular focus on quality control. 

The handbook addresses aspects such as proper sampling, analysis, calculation methods, and the assessment of relevant parameters.

Adisseo, with its extensive experience in liquid additives and supplements, including enzymes, aromas, and methionine, aims to support feed millers by sharing knowledge and information on the effective application of liquid additives. 

The company has forged partnerships with specialized equipment providers in the liquid application sector and boasts a team of engineers dedicated to designing application systems in feed mills. The handbook encapsulates the wealth of knowledge acquired by Adisseo over many years of hands-on experience in the field.

We sincerely hope that it will be a helpful guide and provide valuable information to plant managers, quality managers, maintenance managers, process operators, nutritionists, researchers, and equipment developers who would like to know more about the application of liquid additives,” expressed Adisseo.

The release of this handbook underscores Adisseo’s commitment to knowledge-sharing within the industry, ultimately contributing to the continuous improvement of feed production processes and the overall quality of feed products.

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