CHINA- Adisseo, one of the world’s leading companies in feed additives, recently announced plans to construct a new powder methionine plant with an annual production capacity of 150 Ktons in Fujian Province in China. 

According to a press release by the animal nutrition specialist, the total investment amount is expected to be around RMB 4.9 billion (US$ 679 million), and the plant should start to operate in 2027.

The 150Ktons/year powder methionine project will be at Quanhui Petrochemical Industrial Zone, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. 

By demonstrating unparalleled cost and size leadership in the liquid methionine, Adisseo is willing to also complement its leadership in the powder methionine to become one of the global frontrunners in 2030. This project will strengthen our leading position in the methionine industry as well as optimize our methionine product portfolios and global production capacity layout, thereby creating value for our customers,” Dr. Zhigang Hao, Chairman and CEO of Adisseo, said.

Dr. Zhigang Hao also added that sustainability and digitalization are key success factors of the project. According to him, Adisseo is fully committed to implementing FORUS (SinoChem HSE strategy: For Runner Strategy), to fully leverage digital capabilities to design a smart plant, apply green technologies, and source low-carbon raw materials.

Adisseo can produce liquid and solid methionine simultaneously. The Adisseo Nanjing plant is one of the world’s largest, most technologically advanced, and most competitive liquid methionine production platforms in the world. 

According to Adisseo, in China and other emerging markets, the demand for powder methionine is still strong. The global demand for various types of methionine is expected to continue especially in China and other Asia Pacific countries (APAC). 

With this investment, Adisseo is willing to become one of the global frontrunners in the powder methionine market in the future.

Thanks to the adjacent to SinoChem sister company, the project is expected to benefit from strong synergies in the supply chain, receiving operational support and further gaining cost advantages by optimizing capital investments and operating costs as well as enhanced whole value-chain sustainability.

Driven by a growing population and declining arable land per capital, as well as the growing awareness of environmental sustainability, the global methionine market continues to grow with unchanged fundamentals, especially in China and other APAC countries where cost competitiveness, economy of scale, and a multi-asset approach are essential for success.

The project will further contribute to the “One-China” Strategy and will allow to strengthen Adisseo’s global leading position in the methionine industry while allowing to optimize its methionine product structure and global production capacity layout.

Besides, the project will allow Adisseo to strengthen its cost advantage and improve overall performance profitability through innovative technology synergy and production scale effect, empowering the company to reinforce its competitiveness in the methionine industry.

Additionally, methionine is a vital contributor to the improvement of feed conversion. The project, with its 150Ktons/year production capacity, will help stabilize and improve national food productivity and, therefore, supports national food security and agriculture sustainability.

The project will further increase Adisseo’s production capacity in China with promising economic benefits and an enriched product mix.

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