USA – ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of ADM, has announced that it will expand its previously issued feed products recall from March to April this year. 

The expanded recall now includes various feed products with elevated magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride, and phosphorus levels. According to a Reuters report, the company has attributed these harmful mineral levels to manufacturing issues.

In April, ADM identified an equipment failure at its Quincy, Illinois, manufacturing facility as the root cause of the initial recall. The malfunction affected the distribution of ingredients, leading to inconsistencies in mineral content across several batches of feed.

The affected lots pose significant health risks to a wide range of animals, including cattle, chickens, equine, goats, lambs, llamas, rabbits, sheep, and swine. 

Elevated mineral levels can lead to various adverse health effects, depending on the species and the specific mineral involved. 

Potential symptoms include weight loss and decreased appetite, weak and listless behavior, increased thirst, and urinary issues such as the potential development of urinary stones. 

Additionally, animals may experience digestive problems like diarrhea or watery feces, slowed growth rates, bone deformities, poor performance, and reduced production, such as a decline in egg production in poultry. In severe cases, the elevated mineral levels could result in animal mortality.

ADM Animal Nutrition is urging all customers to inspect their feed supplies immediately and discontinue the use of any products identified as part of the recall.

The company is actively collaborating with distributors and customers to manage the recall and minimize the impact on animal health.

We deeply regret the inconvenience and potential harm caused by this issue. Ensuring the health and safety of the animals we feed is our top priority,” said a spokesperson for ADM Animal Nutrition. “We are taking all necessary steps to resolve this problem swiftly and prevent future occurrences.”

Customers affected by the recall are encouraged to contact ADM Animal Nutrition for further assistance and information on returning or disposing of the affected feed products.

ADM Animal Nutrition is committed to stringent quality control measures to prevent such issues from recurring. The company is conducting a thorough investigation into the manufacturing process and implementing corrective actions to ensure the safety and quality of its products.

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