EUROPE – On July 3, 2024, ADM, a global leader in innovative natural solutions, announced the European launch of seven turnkey pet wellness product formulas. 

These new offerings are designed to meet the increasing demand for holistic pet health products by leveraging the power of biotics to support pet health from within.

ADM’s pet wellness products, available in soft chews and supplement powder sachets, provide scientifically backed wellness benefits that adhere to European regulations. 

This ensures pet owners have trusted options to enhance their pets’ well-being, instilling a sense of security and confidence in their purchase decisions. 

Recent consumer research by ADM Outside Voice℠ revealed that 85% of global pet parents believe proper nutrition and supplements are as crucial for their pets as they are for themselves. This understanding of the alignment of health needs between pet owners and their pets makes the audience feel valued and appreciated.

 This growing trend presents a significant opportunity for brands. The pet health and supplement category in the UK is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.6% through 2026. 

Additionally, functional treats for dogs and cats in the UK market are expected to see a CAGR of over 12% during the same period.

As Jorge Martínez, President of Pet Nutrition at ADM, stated, “As individuals prioritize healthy lifestyles, there’s a growing trend among pet owners to extend this same care to their beloved companion animals. Our research finds that over half of European pet parents would be willing to pay more for treats with benefits than for treats that don’t have a supplementary ingredient.

ADM emphasizes that popular active ingredients among humans can also benefit pets. Microbiome solutions are in high demand with increasing awareness of the connection between gut health and overall well-being. 

Prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics are recognized for their potential to support the health of pets’ gastrointestinal, skin, and oral microbiomes. 

Mark Lotsch, ADM’s President of Global Health & Wellness, explained, “New product innovation harnesses the power of biotics to support pet health from within. Pet brands should be formulated with microbial strains that have been clinically studied and AAFCO-approved as safe for dogs and cats. ADM’s microbiome solutions are backed by rigorous scientific evidence, fostering trust in our products with manufacturers, pet owners, veterinarians, and specialized retailers.

Functional treats and pet supplements are widely used to provide wellness benefits without extra calories. 

ADM highlights its unique production method for soft chews, which uses cold extrusion to preserve the texture, flavor, and benefits of active ingredients like probiotics throughout their shelf life.

ADM’s new soft chew and supplement solutions are based on seven functional formulas to support different aspects of pet well-being. 

The Calming formula blends postbiotics, L-tryptophan, Vitamin B, magnesium, and chamomile to support balanced behavior.

The Dental formula combines a proprietary postbiotic strain, inactivated yeast, botanicals, vitamin C, and calcium to support oral health. 

The Digestion formula utilizes botanicals, biotic solutions, and inactivated yeast to promote gut health. 

The Longevity formula features pre-, pro-, and postbiotics, inactivated yeast, botanicals, and vitamin E to support the well-being of aging dogs.

The Mobility formula includes chondroitin, MSM, glucosamine, curcumin, vitamin E, and postbiotics to support joint health. 

The Skin formula uses pre- and postbiotics, vitamin E, omega-3s, and hyaluronic acid to support healthy skin and coat.

The Wellness formula incorporates biotic solutions, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and yeast products to support daily well-being.

ADM believes many pet parents are willing to invest in preventative care for their pets’ health. Pet brands can meet this growing demand by offering functional soft chews and supplements with scientifically backed benefits. 

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