USA – ADM, a leading grain elevator and commodity trader, has announced its initiative to offer fully verified, segregated, and traceable soybean meal and oil to meet the European market’s requirements. 

This initiative coincides with the EU’s new deforestation regulations taking effect on December 30.

In a significant move this March, ADM launched its re: source program, a fully traceable North American soybean initiative. 

The program, which involves nearly 5,300 farmers spanning over 4.6 million acres across 15 US states for the 2024 season, is designed to ensure the highest levels of traceability and sustainability, addressing the concerns of our European customers. 

Utilizing advanced technology, such as the FBN Gradable digital platform, along with ADM’s extensive origination and transportation capabilities, the program meticulously verifies, traces, and segregates soybeans from farms to their final destinations.

ADM is leveraging the TRACT sustainability measurement platform, a collaborative industry venture, to enhance traceability solutions across its supply chain. 

This platform allows ADM to offer European customers soybean products that meet the rigorous standards of the new EU deforestation regulations.

Thanks to the critical participation of our farmer network, along with our dedicated US elevators and segregated transportation and logistics capabilities, we are well-positioned to supply all of our existing customers in Europe with soybean meal and oil once the new rules take effect at the end of this year,” said Sebastian Kuck, general manager of EMEA Soy Crush for ADM, based in Rolle, Switzerland.

ADM’s efforts extend beyond North America. The company is also piloting soybean crushing and exporting to other regions of the EU through fully traceable and segregated supply chains. 

Despite awaiting final guidance from the European Commission on the detailed requirements of the EU deforestation regulation, ADM’s proactive approach ensures that US farmers have the opportunity to add value by supplying global markets while meeting the needs of ADM’s customers through a dedicated and segregated supply chain that will fully comply with the new regulations.

Starting July 8, European customers seeking pricing and further information on ADM’s traceable soybean meal and oil can contact their local ADM office.

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