UK- Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has agreed to acquire FDL, a UK-based developer and producer specializing in multi-sectoral flavor and functional ingredient systems. 

The strategic move is poised to broaden ADM’s range of flavors and functional ingredients while concurrently strengthening FDL’s portfolio of taste and nutritional solutions.

FDL, operating three production facilities and two customer innovation centers, has established itself as a leading player in the European food service sector. 

With a track record of creating over 10,000 distinct flavor compositions, the company has positioned itself for rapid market entry and expansion.

Calvin McEvoy, President of Global Flavours at ADM, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “Our ongoing investments to add to our flavors portfolio are helping power our strategic work to build a global leader in nutrition. FDL’s innovative and agile formulation knowledge, deep end-use applications expertise, and strong customer base make them a great addition to ADM’s global flavor capabilities.

McEvoy emphasized the impressive attributes of the FDL team, foreseeing mutual benefits for both companies as they collaborate to expand their reach in key channels, particularly in the food service sector.

Eric Beatty, CEO of FDL, echoed McEvoy’s sentiments, stating, “We are excited to enter into this agreement with ADM. They’re an ideal partner for us, with global nutrition and flavor capabilities that will provide new opportunities to strengthen FDL’s portfolio of taste and nutrition solutions.”

Beatty further highlighted FDL’s commitment to contributing to ADM’s diverse offerings through their flavor and functional ingredient systems, intellectual property, and capabilities portfolio. 

He also emphasized the entrepreneurial spirit and innovativeness of FDL’s human talent that has positioned the company as a differentiated market leader.

ADM’s acquisition of FDL is part of its continued efforts to expand its flavor portfolio since 2015, with previous acquisitions including Revela Foods (dairy), Eatem Foods (savory), Florida Chemical Company (citrus), and Rodelle (vanilla). 

The company has also augmented its flavor capabilities by establishing innovation centers across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America. Organic investments, such as the Pinghu, China, flavor production facility, have further solidified ADM’s commitment to enhancing its flavor capabilities.

The transaction is anticipated to be completed by the end of January 2024, marking another strategic step in ADM’s pursuit of global leadership in the nutrition and flavor industry.

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