Reach your target market in Africa with the largest collection of food, agri and packaging industry magazines and websites

At FW Africa, we are proud of our focus on covering the food, beverage and milling plus the packaging industries in Africa  – better than any other media house.

With 4 magazines (Food Business Africa, Food Safety Africa, Milling Middle East & Africa and Sustainable Packaging Africa) and 4 websites (, and that cover the agri-food and packaging industries in Africa, we have the coverage and reach in Africa that will be of benefit to your business whenever you advertise with us.

We also publish HealthCare Africa – Africa’s only trade magazine focused on the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry in the Continent. More information is available at 

Our food industry magazines provide unrivalled opportunity for suppliers of various products and services to reach the wider African food, beverage and milling industry players.

The magazine are Africa’s best-read trade publications, and are well respected by our readers for their quality print, editorial content, technical articles and industry reports. With a distribution into most of the African countries, we provide unique platforms for your brand to reach into Africa. 

Our industry-focused websites are Africa’s leading news websites used by investors, managers, professionals, researchers and other stakeholders in the agriculture, food, beverage and milling industry in Africa to discover the latest news, market trends, technological updates and other information.

With wide pan-African and international readership, our websites provide unrivalled opportunities for you to reach your target audience in Africa and beyond.

The magazines are available in both print and digital versions, enabling readers within and beyond Africa – Asia, Europe and the Americas to access the magazines for FREE across the world.


Apart from print magazine advertising, we also offer various options for digital advertising.

We provide several categories of online advertising options that ensure advertisers’ brands stand out in a crowded marketplace. These categories include:

Banner advertising:

Banners – still, animated or interactive – provide maximum visibility to your brand on the website, enabling your brand to reach audiences in Africa’s agro and food industry, plus a worldwide audience.

E-Newsletter sponsorship:

Our regular free bi-weekly e-newsletters provide a glimpse at the news stories in the industry from the world, but with a focus on Africa.

This provides advertisers with access to thousands of industry investors, managers and professionals who are regular readers of our e-newsletters.

Technical papers and E-shots:

Technical reports and e-shots from your company can be delivered to our readers in the industry, providing you with direct access to top decision makers. These papers or e-shots can be also be delivered to a particular sector of the industry.

Webinars & Digital events

Our branded and hosted webinars are perfect educational tools that you can take advantage of to grow your brand in Africa and beyond.


Our magazines and websites are perfect for suppliers that are seeking to grow their footprint into Africa’s food manufacturing, retail, packaging, HORECA, foodservice sectors.

Past advertisers in the magazine include the following types of industry solutions providers:

  • milling and processing equipment
  • ingredients and chemicals
  • food safety and laboratory equipment and solutions
  • packaging equipment and supplies
  • engineering and automation solutions and services
  • supply chain, warehousing and post-harvest solutions
  • consultancy and industry services
  • financial services and solutions

Several leading regional, African and international companies have used our magazines to reach out to their target audience in Africa, with impressive results to their brand awareness and adoption of their products and services.  


  • We have 10 years of deep knowledge and interaction with the food manufacturing, retail, packaging, HORECA, foodservice sectors industry in Africa and are a trusted publisher across the Continent
  • We are the largest publisher of trade magazines in Africa, with publications currently covering the food, beverage and milling industry; packaging; agriculture; healthcare and general business sectors.
  • Our magazines are well respected and appreciated by the key stakeholders in Africa’s industry, government and academic/research institutions and they are also available in digital format, providing our advertisers with a worldwide audience
  • The magazines are read by key decision makers with direct responsibilities for the purchase of equipment, ingredients, chemicals, packaging and other services. Advertizing with us opens the door to these decision makers, making advertisers’ brands to stand out in an increasingly crowded market place
  • We publish and manage the best read and visited food, packaging, healthcare and general business websites in Africa.
  • We do more than just magazine publishing – we also organise a number of premium trade events and awards ceremonies, webinars and do consultancy work, with a focus of the food and agriculture sector in Africa.

For more information about how we can partner on advertising, events, webinars and more, please send us your request to:

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