USA- The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and the Pet Food Institute (PFI) have announced significant federal funding from the US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service’s (USDA FAS) Market Access Program (MAP) to expand US trade in the animal food and pet food industries.

On January 10, AFIA revealed that it is set to receive US$170,000 in federal funding for fiscal 2024 through the USDA FAS MAP. With additional roll-over funding, AFIA’s total MAP funding for 2024 reaches nearly US$200,000. 

This funding will play a crucial role in supporting the animal food industry’s efforts to broaden market access and promote the export of US animal food products to Vietnam and China.

Constance Cullman, President and CEO of AFIA, expressed gratitude to the USDA, stating, “We express appreciation to the USDA for acknowledging AFIA as the foremost authority in the animal feed, feed ingredient, and pet food trade. The US animal food industry has the potential to sustainably enhance the efficiency and quality of global animal nutrition practices and pet food diets.

With the secured MAP funding, AFIA aims to continue its work in expanding the US animal food industry’s US$7.5 billion worth of exports. The efforts involve conveying the benefits of US animal food products to Vietnamese and Chinese stakeholders, emphasizing utility, safety, and quality for improved animal production and health. 

The initiative also includes providing pet owners with information about the importance of complete-and-balanced pet diets for longer, healthier pet lives.

Operating within the MAP framework, the FAS collaborates with trade associations like AFIA to jointly fund the promotion of US agricultural products and commodities internationally.

On January 11, the Pet Food Institute (PFI) also disclosed its MAP funding for 2024, receiving more than US$1.3 million. This substantial funding will be allocated to promote the benefits of US-made pet food in 10 specific markets, including Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America, China, Colombia, Mexico, the Middle East, the Philippines, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Nat Davies, Vice President of Business Operations and Programs at PFI, highlighted the broader impact of these funds, stating, “The allocation of these funds to PFI is not just a win for the pet food industry; it is a win for the US agricultural industry.” 

Davies emphasized the significant role the pet food industry plays in using agricultural ingredients, providing economic support to rural communities and contributing to the overall strength of the US economy.

The federal funding received by AFIA and PFI underscores the importance of promoting US agricultural products internationally and fostering global partnerships in the animal food and pet food sectors. 

These initiatives align with the broader goals of enhancing trade, overcoming regulatory barriers, and reinforcing the economic impact of these industries on a global scale.

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