TURKEY- Alapala, a pioneering force in the realm of food processing technologies, has extended its reach to a global scale through its cutting-edge Alapala Academy and Innovation Center, in collaboration with the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM). 

The institution, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities spread across four continents, is a testament to Alapala’s commitment to delivering contemporary food processing solutions and it aims to share its extensive expertise with a worldwide audience.

The Academy, conceived to impart modern grain milling and food processing solutions to both employees and customers, as well as offer professional training opportunities, commenced hands-on training activities on September 4, 2023. 

These training sessions, led by Prof. Dr. Jeff Gwirts, commenced in well-furnished classrooms boasting brand-new and modern technological equipment.

The Alapala Academy and Innovation Center serves as a hub for industry professionals seeking training opportunities and it not only sets the pace in Turkey but also stands as a global facility providing vital training in food processing technologies. 

This endeavor addresses a critical need in the sector, offering expertise through a team of project managers, engineers, technicians, milling masters, and seasoned academicians, all boasting over two decades of experience within Alapala.

Ismail Alapala, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alapala Holding, emphasized their dedication to equipping the sector with qualified professionals in an era where food technologies play an increasingly pivotal role for a sustainable future. 

He underscored their collaborative efforts with IAOM, blending IAOM’s goal of enhancing industry value with their international training program and leveraging their 70 years of experience and innovative strength. 

Alapala emphasized their strides towards establishing unmanned, lights-out factories through the smart integration of automation systems in the food processing industry.

We will continue to grow bigger and renew ourselves as we care so much about science, technology and education in the forthcoming period,” Ismail added. 

Gulfem Alapala, a Board Member, highlighted that the establishment of Alapala Academy and Innovation Center is a manifestation of Alapala’s forward-thinking vision. 

Through exhaustive and concerted efforts, they have transformed it into a modern, fully-equipped training center offering top-notch sectoral training courses.

With so many years of experience he have had in the field of food processing technologies, we are excited not only because we have been offering quality products and services to our customers around the world, but also because we have introduced an educational platform that adds value to the sector,” Gulfem Alapala  added, welcoming everyone willing to get a deeper insight of the food processing sector, gain practical skills and provide added value to the sector.

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