TURKEY- Alapala, one of the leading global groups specializing in grain, feed, and pasta processing technologies, has proudly announced the completion of 21 turnkey projects in 15 diverse countries in 2023. 

Marking its 70th-anniversary milestone this year, the Alapala Group continues to expand its legacy, seamlessly integrating new projects into its extensive portfolio, which now exceeds 1000 delivered projects spanning 120 nations worldwide.

Görkem Alapala, the CEO of Alapala Holding, articulated the group’s ambitious aspiration to elevate its project portfolio to surpass the 1050 mark with the slated completion of projects in 2024. 

He extends heartfelt appreciation to all esteemed clients and business partners for their unwavering trust and collaboration, which has been instrumental in achieving this remarkable success.

In the fiscal year of 2023, Alapala achieved a consolidated sales revenue of US$91 million, underscoring the presence of over 45 ongoing projects within its portfolio, valued at a cumulative US$118 million.

Among the projects Alapala accomplished in 2023 are state-of-the-art wheat flour and semolina mills, cutting-edge pasta lines, sophisticated corn flour and semolina plants, advanced feed mills, meticulously engineered grain storage systems, and industrial steel structures.

To serve its clients better, Alapala unveiled a pioneering 3-year Warranty program to improve its service in the food processing technology sector in February 2024. 

This initiative set a new benchmark in customer satisfaction, elevating Alapala’s commitment to quality and reliability.

The introduction of the 3-Year Warranty program underscores the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and guaranteeing maximum efficiency for its customers.

“Ensuring customer satisfaction and providing the best service is our primary goal. For this reason, we broke new ground in our industry and launched the 3-Year Warranty program for our turnkey factories,”  Görkem Alapala, CEO of Alapala Holding, expressed his enthusiasm for the program. 

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