TURKEY – Depart, Alapala Holding’s group company for milling spare part sales and after-sales services has partnered with Italian HBTS Packaging to expand its solutions to include vertical packaging.

Under the agreement, Depart will manage the sales and marketing of HBTS’s vertical packaging machines in all of Africa, the Far East, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

The horizontal/flow-back packaging systems Depart will be selling and marketing are significantly important in the food industry, including bakery, chocolate, and confectionery products in Turkey. Depart will also provide end-of-line packaging machines.

By following the modern packaging technologies closely, we support our customers’ flawless production with the same precision as in the milling field,” Cengiz Tiryakioğlu, general manager at Depart said. 

With the assurance of Depart, we meet our customers with reliable, customizable systems according to their needs.

Meanwhile, based in Italy, HBTS is an integrated packaging systems division within the DM Packaging Group.

It is a major supplier of integrated packaging technology to the food and beverage, bakery and biscuits, chocolate, and confectionery, frozen foods, pharma, and consumer goods industries.

The move comes at a time when the importance of vertical packaging machines is constantly on the rise.

These machines offer heavy packaging efficiency, featuring a bag-support pusher that can also hold heavy items as they are being transported onto an evacuation belt, allowing the equipment to be more efficient.

They are also easy to operate, with a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy for even first-time users to understand how the machine works.

Additionally, vertical packaging machines often come with an automatic weighing and filling system and they operate at an efficient high speed, saving the time spent during packaging. 

As Depart, we recently entered the packaging sector. In our evaluations, we have found that we have made rapid progress during this period.

Since we are a company that aims to meet all our customer’s needs, we decided to expand Depart’s packaging solutions. We agreed and signed an agency agreement with DM Packaging, one of the leading companies in Italy,” Cengiz said, commenting on the agreement.

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