AUSTRALIA – Allegiant Milling and Processing Solutions, a leading player in the milling and processing industry, recently announced the inauguration of its cutting-edge test facility situated on the coast of Queensland, Australia. 

This milestone marks a significant step forward in the realm of granular electronic and optical sorting, propelled by the incorporation of the revolutionary FENIX optical sorter from 3U Vision, Italy.

Sid Jain, Director of Allegiant, expressed profound excitement about the potential of the FENIX optical sorter, hailing it as a game-changer in granular electronic and optical sorting. 

With our new facility equipped with the FENIX optical sorter, we can conduct a diverse range of tests, from simple applications like recycling, seeds, grains, and legumes to complex scenarios involving fine seeds, almonds, peanuts, and tree nuts,” remarked Jain. 

He elaborated on the standout features of the FENIX, including its integrated full-color RGB and Infrared cameras, optional SWIR cameras, and patented technology for detecting bio-hazards such as Aflatoxins and DON in cereals and nuts.

Jain underscored the versatility and safety aspects of the FENIX optical sorter, noting its optional ATEX rating, making it suitable for hazardous risk areas in flour mills. 

He emphasized the unique capabilities of the FENIX, offering complete analysis from both sides with up to 8 wavelengths in the visible and non-visible spectrum, facilitated by integrated artificial intelligence for a seamless user experience.

Furthermore, Jain highlighted the flexibility of configurations available for the FENIX in Allegiant’s test facility, catering to a wide array of applications ranging from basic sorting to targeted rejects like light-yellow stains in peanuts or coffee fungus. 

He also praised the FENIX’s efficiency in handling small seeds with ease, thanks to its high-resolution camera and Rise-up ejection system.

Stefano Bonacina, Sales and after-sales director of 3U Vision, expressed gratitude for the partnership with Allegiant, strengthening 3U Vision’s presence in Australia and enabling collaboration with major food processors in the milling and nuts industries to meet stringent market demands.

Andrea Uzzo, Chief Technology Officer at 3U Vision, emphasized the unparalleled efficiency and technology of the FENIX optical sorter, coupled with Allegiant’s expertise, promising significant benefits for customers in terms of cost savings and product quality enhancement.

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