FINLAND- Kentucky-based Alltech and Finnish Finnforel will acquire the Raisioaqua fish feed production facility from Raisio, a Finnish company, to enhance sustainable fish production. 

Raisioaqua is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly feed for aquaculture and specializes in functional feeding solutions suitable for specific farming systems. 

In a press release, Dr. Mark Lyons, CEO of Alltech, said that Finnforel and Alltech Coppens, a subsidiary of Alltech, have been working together for several years on sustainable aquaculture practices. 

The Raisioaqua acquisition is another step to enhancing sustainability in aquaculture, which remains to be an efficient way of producing nutritious protein for a growing population. 

Aquaculture continues to be one of the world’s fastest-growing sources of protein and is one of the key focus areas for our business,” said Dr. Mark Lyons. 

Alltech’s specialty feed ingredients and Alltech Coppens aquafeeds offer superior nutritional solutions for fish and shrimp, backed by more than four decades of research, which will be instrumental in this partnership.  

On the other hand, Finnforel specializes in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), which allows producers to control water purity, temperature, stocking density, and feeding while requiring 99% less water than traditional methods. 

As sustainable RASs are viable even in desert conditions, Finnforel aims to export Finnish aquacultural expertise to the world in the coming years. 

The acquisition of Raisioaqua will complete Finnforel’s sustainable circular-economy fish-farming chain and enhance aquaculture producers’ access to Alltech’s nutritional technologies.

Aqua producers will benefit from dedicated aqua nutrition research at the Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre (ACAC) in the Netherlands, one of Alltech’s five bioscience centers around the world, which specializes in nutrition for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

This joint acquisition reflects the ambition of both companies, our shared values, and the strength of our partnership,” said Ronald Faber, CEO of Alltech Coppens. 

Feed production is an essential block in ensuring quality fish from any aquaculture venture and partnering with feed manufacturers is a strategic move for Alltech and Finnforel.

Feed developed in accordance with the principles of a sustainable circular economy represents the last link in the chain,” said Jussi Mekkonen, CEO of Finnforel Oy.  

Finnforel will also be completing a new aquaculture facility in spring 2023 to increase its capacity to produce the eggs used in fish farming. 

After that, the entire circular-economy fish-farming chain in Finland will be ready to be exported and will provide a replicable model for others globally.

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