USA- Alltech has announced the appointment of E. Michael Castle II as Chief Operating and Finance Officer, who previously served as Chief Operating Officer and CEO of the Alltech Feed Division. 

Castle, with a remarkable 19 years of experience with Alltech, has extensive global business experience, including roles such as Chief Administrative and Legal Officer.

Castle’s journey with Alltech began as an engineering intern, and he has since played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success. He holds a Juris Doctor from Washington University St. Louis School of Law, and his return to Alltech after completing his legal education underscores his dedication to the company.

Dr. Mark Lyons, President and CEO of Alltech, expressed confidence in Castle’s capabilities, stating, “Having worked with Alltech for almost two decades, Mike has Alltech DNA through and through. He worked closely with our leadership team and my father on many of the most important deals in our history. Since the passing of Dr. Pearse Lyons in 2018, Mike and I have worked hand in glove to lead the business.

Dr. Lyons highlighted Castle’s unparalleled dedication, exemplary leadership, and passion for excellence, emphasizing his integral role in leading Alltech into the future. 

Castle, who has been instrumental in steering the company since Dr. Pearse Lyons’ passing, is considered an invaluable asset and a trusted friend and colleague.

Castle is supported in leading Alltech’s financial strategy by a seasoned team, including May Xu, the Deputy CFO of Audit and Reporting; Flora Djojo, the Chief Tax Officer; AnaLucia Medrano, recently promoted to Director of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A); Hemant Gandhi, the Vice President of Finance, Global Treasury; and Alric Blake, former CFO and CEO of Alltech, who served as interim CFO during 2023 Q3-Q4 and will transition to a senior advisor role for the business.

Expressing optimism about Alltech’s future, Castle remarked, “Alltech has an exciting future built on its strong foundation of helping farmers, ranchers, and producers nourish the world and nurture the planet. I am pleased to continue working alongside Dr. Mark Lyons to help Alltech capitalize on opportunities to provide solutions that improve the health of animals and the soil, maximize the value of feed, increase on-farm efficiency, and help lower environmental impact.

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