GUATEMALA- Guatemalan National Coffee Association Anacafé and Singapore-based AI agrifood tech company ProfilePrint have partnered to offer a digital platform for Guatemalan coffee farmers to grade their beans more efficiently.

Coffee remains the second-most important agricultural export in Guatemala, after sugar, injecting hundreds of millions of dollars annually into Guatemala’s economy. 

Economic activities around the production of coffee also employ more than 125,000 Guatemalan families. The government, therefore, invests in technologies that can improve the coffee sector.   

According to Anacafé, the alliance with ProfilePrint is expected to empower Guatemalan coffee farmers to make better decisions about their crops and improve the overall efficiency of the coffee supply chain.

ProfilePrint’s patented food fingerprint technology allows users to ascertain the agreed quality of food ingredients digitally, expediting existing assessment techniques for efficiency and convenience.

This partnership with ProfilePrint enables us to continue revolutionizing services with innovative technology to provide coffee farmers with efficient solutions to better understand their crop and make informed decisions to produce and sell their coffee,” says José Tulio González, President of Anacafé.

The ProfilePrint AI technology in Guatemala will conduct trials to align the AI model with the technical and sensory characteristics of Guatemalan coffee.

The alliance will enhance the scope of services provided by Anacafé’s cupping lab, as well as the post-harvest and innovation team. According to ProfilePrint, the AI technology significantly reduces grading time, shortens sales cycles, and decreases the carbon footprint from less sample shipping required.

We look forward to deepening our engagement with more producer partners across Latin America to help empower people and advance agribusinesses,” says Alan Lai, founder, and CEO of ProfilePrint.

More companies partner with ProfilePrint 

ProfilePrint also recently announced partnerships with players in the Brazilian food industry, including Louis Dreyfus Company Brasil, Olam Agrícola Ltda (Brazil), and Sucafina Brasil, and continues to catch the attention of other industry players.

Such partnerships are aimed at revolutionizing the way the food industry in Latin and South America approaches quality assessment of their food samples. 

According to ProfilePrint, Latin America is responsible for 16 percent of total global exports of food and agricultural products.

However, one of the main challenges facing the industry is not being able to ascertain the quality of the food ingredients produced and traded since production conditions vary across high-tech farms and small producers.

Our technological solution powers people to be more effective and advances agribusinesses across the entire chain in Brazil, initially with coffee and cocoa,” said Alan Lai.

Without prior training, producers will be able to rapidly ascertain the quality of their crop and get a fairer price on their sales based on its true quality.

ProfilePrint will be participating as an official grader alongside professional graders at the 19th edition of Let’s Talk Coffee, from 20 to 25 February in Honduras. 

The event will demonstrate how ProfilePrint can augment human capabilities and equip producers with an efficient method to ascertain the suitability of green coffees for potential buyers.

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