AUSTRIA – Two industry giants, Andritz and Netzsch-Feinmahltechnik GmbH, have announced a landmark strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing alternative protein production through cutting-edge technologies and processes. 

This collaboration represents a significant step forward in addressing the growing demand for sustainable protein sources worldwide.

Andritz, an international technology group with a rich history spanning 170 years, brings its expertise in key processes such as conditioning, extraction, dewatering, drying, extrusion, and pelleting to the table. 

Complemented by advanced process automation and a robust global service offering, Andritz is well-positioned to drive innovation in the alternative protein market.

Netzsch-Feinmahltechnik GmbH, renowned for its leadership in grinding and classifying technologies, will contribute its expertise in fine grinding and subsequent classifying to extract protein-rich fractions. 

This collaboration aims to develop tailor-made process solutions, encompassing conceptual design, process engineering, implementation, automation, and maintenance of turn-key plants.

Energy efficiency is a central focus of this partnership, with both companies committed to providing innovative technologies and processes that significantly reduce energy consumption. 

This dual emphasis on ecological and economic sustainability underscores the shared vision of Andritz and Netzsch in driving positive change in the alternative protein market.

Christian Kling, Director of Business Development for Alternative Protein Solutions at Andritz, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the challenges of scaling up alternative protein production from lab to industrial scale. 

Kling highlighted Andritz’s role as a trusted partner, facilitating commercialization and bridging the gap to full-scale production with its comprehensive production technology and decades of experience in various industries, including food and feed.

Matthias Kapp, Vice President of Business Field Food & Pharma at Netzsch, echoed Kling’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of innovative milling and classifying processes in supporting sustainable and efficient food production. 

Kapp underscored the collaboration’s focus on enhancing the quality and availability of plant-based protein sources to meet the burgeoning global demand.

As the alternative protein market continues to expand rapidly, driven by concerns about sustainability, animal welfare, and human health, the strategic partnership between Andritz and Netzsch holds immense promise. 

In another recent move to support the feed industry,  ANDRITZ announced plans to transform the feed industry with its innovative portfolio of automation and digitalization solutions. 

Introduced under the Metris digital platform, these cutting-edge technologies aim to revolutionize feed plant operations, with the ambitious goal of achieving full autonomy by 2027.

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