AUSTRIA – International technology giant ANDRITZ has announced a strategic collaboration with Microsoft, aimed at paving the way for fully autonomous factories and establishing a robust data ecosystem built on the ANDRITZ Metris digital platform and Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

The collaboration not only signifies a monumental leap forward in digital transformation within the manufacturing realm but also underscores the commitment of both companies to drive unprecedented levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Joachim Schönbeck, President & CEO of ANDRITZ, has hailed the initiative as a pivotal moment in the company’s digital evolution. 

He emphasized that by synergizing industry expertise with Microsoft’s digital solutions, ANDRITZ is set to revolutionize its Metris digital platform, empowering employees with an optimized working environment while ushering in groundbreaking business models and elevated customer service standards.

By combining our industry knowledge with Microsoft’s digital solutions, we elevate our Metris digital platform and provide our employees with an optimized working environment, enabling groundbreaking business models and enhanced customer service,” Schönbeck commented. 

Central to this collaboration is the ANDRITZ Metris digital platform, which serves as the cornerstone for the journey toward autonomy in manufacturing. 

Offering comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of industrial plants, the platform addresses key challenges such as operating costs, process stability, reliability, and sustainability. 

A notable addition to the Metris platform is the Copilot solution, leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to simplify anomaly detection and enhance communication between operators and machines. 

This real-time interface equips operators with invaluable insights, fostering informed decision-making and driving efficiency, quality, and resource optimization in manufacturing processes.

Moreover, the collaboration is set to catalyze ANDRITZ’s internal digitization efforts, empowering employees with modern working methods and facilitating product improvement. 

By harnessing Microsoft’s digital prowess, ANDRITZ aims to automate repetitive tasks, provide actionable insights, and streamline internal processes, thereby enabling employees to focus on strategic tasks and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Rohit Pant, Chief Automation Officer at ANDRITZ, emphasized the customer-centric benefits of integrating Microsoft’s digital expertise into the Metris platform. 

Through comprehensive skilling programs and specialized training initiatives, ANDRITZ is equipping its teams to thrive in a digitally driven market, unlocking a myriad of advantages for its customers.

Ralph Haupter, President of Microsoft EMEA, lauded ANDRITZ’s forward-looking approach, highlighting the transformative potential of leveraging Microsoft Azure to enhance autonomous factory solutions. 

He underscored the significance of deep integration between ANDRITZ products and Azure cloud services in driving sustainable and efficient change within the industry.

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