TÜRKIYE – ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel has announced a groundbreaking partnership with EFFEFFE PET ÜRÜNLERİ, a prominent player in the Turkish pet food market. 

The collaboration will see ANDRITZ supplying modern extrusion, drying, and coating technologies, along with automation and process commissioning services for EFFEFFE’s upcoming pet food production line in Salihli, Türkiye.

Scheduled to commence operations in 2025, the new production line will be equipped with cutting-edge solutions from ANDRITZ, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the pet food sector. 

Among the key technologies to be incorporated into the line is the EX1021 extruder, featuring flextex technology for efficient online control of starch cooking and product expansion. 

This innovation promises to reduce formulation costs significantly while enhancing product quality.

Additionally, the production line will feature ANDRITZ’s CZD dryer, renowned for its high-energy efficiency and uniform drying capabilities. The inclusion of this state-of-the-art dryer ensures optimal product consistency and quality, meeting the highest industry standards.

One of the highlights of the collaboration is the integration of ANDRITZ’s VAC1000 vacuum coater, designed to deliver uniform product coating with both powder and high liquid additions. 

This advanced coating technology enhances the visual appeal and palatability of pet food products, meeting the evolving preferences of discerning pet owners worldwide.

EFFEFFE PET ÜRÜNLERİ, a member of the ANADOLU PET family since its establishment in 2016, has rapidly expanded its presence in the global pet food market. 

With exports to over 30 countries, the company has established itself as a leading provider of premium pet food products. 

The partnership with ANDRITZ represents a strategic move to further strengthen EFFEFFE’s position in the industry and drive continued growth and innovation.

In addition to its groundbreaking partnership with EFFEFFE, ANDRITZ continues to make strides in sustainability by participating in the construction of the Yusufeli Dam in Turkey. 

The dam, boasting an impressive 275-meter water head, stands as an engineering marvel equipped with top-notch turbines and infrastructure. 

Since its inception, the Yusufeli Dam has already generated an astounding 664,670 MWh of clean energy, with projections aiming for an annual output of 1,705 GWh. Units 1 and 2 commenced operations in late 2023, followed by the final unit reaching completion in March 2024. 

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