GLOBAL- Animal food brand Fubon by Angel Yeast is collaborating with universities to produce biotech-based yeast feed, re-asserting its commitment to improving animal nutrition by making sustainable production choices.

We are dedicated to developing yeast-based biological feeds that are more suitable for animal health, according to animal species and growth stages. We select and cultivate specialized strains that fit the gastrointestinal tracts of different animals,” says Fayuan Gong, the animal nutrition product manager at Fubon.

In this project, Fubon is collaborating with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Texas Tech University (US), Ghent University (Belgium), and Kasetsart University (Thailand) to develop its new feed formula.

Fubon produces yeast-based food products for various animal species, including pets, cattle, pigs, poultry, and aquaculture. The company specializes in nutrition products such as functional protein ingredients, antibiotic alternatives (AGPs), prebiotics, probiotics for animals, mycotoxin management, and organic trace elements.

According to Fubon, innovations in biotechnology are essential for fulfilling nutritional needs and conserving habitats. The quality and ingredients of animal nutrition products are essential for their health, habitats, and, often, for humans.

The brand claims that its animal food improves digestion, enhances immunity, and reduces the need for antibiotics, ensuring animal health and safety.

Fubon aims to provide new solutions for the health of people and animals. Our research and development innovation and roadmap for sustainable farming with biotechnologies demonstrate our commitment to creating a better, shared future,” shares Gong.

It further replaces antibiotics and AGPs with probiotics, prebiotics, and enzyme preparations to promote the gastrointestinal health of the animals. These include YeaSense, a natural essence derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae through selective enzymatic hydrolysis.

Fubon aims to ensure the quality and safety of animal feeds by incorporating a BioBon solution into them. BioBon is Angel Yeast’s yeast-based mycotoxin binder designed to reduce the risk of mycotoxin infections.

Earlier this year, Angel Yeast partnered with the Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China, to support R&D in biological agriculture and plant and animal nutrition. In particular, they would like to present new microbial products and probiotics primarily as fertilizing agents in livestock rearing and aquaculture.

Their production process has recently been updated to reduce carbon emissions by transitioning from spray drying to roller drying.

Additionally, Fubon recently launched a green initiative to enhance animal nutrition, health, and welfare by reducing the use of antibiotics and promoting sustainable farming practices.