ANGOLA – An Angolan company, Marsiris, targets to harvest about 5000 tonnes of rice starting April in an effort to increase domestic production and help in achieving food self-sufficiency in the country.

Founded in 2020, Marsiris invested US$5 million in partnership with the Chinese multinational Yuan’s Hi-Tech Seed CO LTD. The project has 600 hectares planted in the municipality of Lukembo, Malanje according to the director for the commercial area of the company Li Yun.

Yuan’s is a company that deals directly with the production and formation of high-yielding seeds, in addition to supporting scientific research and providing technical support and training to local centers in the countries where it operates

The early results come barely a week after Yuan’s Hi-Tech Seed CO LTD expressed interest in investing in Angola as part of its global growth strategy in providing hybrid rice seeds to farmers.

Speaking to the press, Li Yun was addressing the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, António Francisco de Assis, and Yao Zhengqiu, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Chinese multinational Yuan’s Hi-Tech Seed.

According to the businessman, the project forecasts a production yield of 8 tons per hectare adding that the initiative has already created employment for 300 nationals.

Further, Marsiris also aims to be the largest producer and supplier of rice seeds to producers in the country, in line with the strategy of the grain production promotion program (Planagrão), which has already been approved by the Executive.

In addition to the supply of seeds, the company’s project intends to provide training courses for farmers,  with a focus on improving rice cultivation techniques in Angola, as well as expanding planting areas to 6,000 hectares.

On the other hand, the general director of the National Seed Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Augusto Caetano da Silva, considered the company’s initiative as an asset that will support the promotion of rice cultivation in the country. 

He showed confidence that the first harvest of Marsiris will increase the availability of rice seed quantities in the national market, a fact that will influence the drop in import levels of this cereal in Angola. 

Additionally, he said that the rice sector has close to four other companies that are dedicated to the multiplication of rice seeds to ensure the production of this grain.

Marsiris is further seeking partnerships to encourage and develop the production of rice seeds in Angola.

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