ANGOLA- Jardins da Yoba, a leading Angolan seed production expert, has announced plans to increase the production of improved maize seeds by expanding planting hectarage to 550.

The company, which is also the only certified by the National Seed Service to produce tuber seeds, also intends to plant 200 hectares of reindeer potatoes.

In a statement, the company commited to increasing improved seed capacity with a view of facilitating access to the product and encouraging family farming,

Speaking to Angop, a local press media, the director general of Jardins da Yoba, João Saraiva, said that  plans are also underway to increase production of other cereals such as sorghum, massage, and beans.

The increased production aims to have more than two thousand tons of seed corn and reindeer potatoes from the current 1,700 tons and 1,500 tons respectively.

The firm also added that besides operating in programs that encourage family farming for greater access at lower prices, they are also targeting the business sector.

Further, the company has partnered with Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA)  and Max for effective distribution and structured family farming programs to offer technical assistance.

“We are already working with a chain of stores and another distribution chain and we want to increase our level of responsibility, as we accepted a challenge from Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) to structure an integrated program to support family farming, financed by the bank,” he said.

The perspective of the increased hectarage is to have more than 2000 tonnes of maize seed and reindeer potatoes. Additionally, “being in partnership with BFA is a plus in achieving our responsibility in production and distribution”, said Mr. Saraiva.

He further expressed his optimism for 2023, given that producers were upbeat about the positive intervention that the Government has had on the agriculture industry.

The company Jardins da Yoba owns four farms, namely Humpata, in the municipality of the same name, Maheque, Mucuma, and Chaungo, in Chibia.

It also has partnerships with two others, Chivemba (Cunene) and Tandanda, in Matala (Huíla), all aimed at producing improved seeds and a public-private partnership with the Instituto de Investigação Agronómica.

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