USA- Ardent Mills, a prominent player in the milling industry, has expanded its ingredient portfolio with the introduction of two new products: Ardent Mills Egg Replace and Ancient Grains Plus baking flour blend. 

This strategic move reaffirms the company’s dedication to collaborating closely with its customers, offering innovative solutions to industry challenges, and meeting the evolving demands of consumers.

Angie Goldberg, Chief Growth Officer at Ardent Mills, emphasized the company’s commitment to addressing industry needs and aligning with consumer preferences. 

Our latest products, Ardent Mills Egg Replace and Ancient Grains Plus baking flour blend, underscore our commitment to being strategic partners with our customers by providing proactive solutions to industry challenges while simultaneously meeting consumer demand,” She stated. 

Ardent Mills Egg Replace is designed to be a versatile substitute, providing a 1-to-1 replacement for both dried and liquid whole eggs. 

Made from chickpea flour and carefully selected additional ingredients, this product is gluten-free, vegan, and does not contain major US food allergens, including soy. The product offers an inclusive solution for a variety of dietary preferences and needs.

On the other hand, the Ancient Grains Plus baking flour blend is a unique fusion of ancient grains and chickpeas, designed to elevate nutritional value. 

Compared to traditional flours, this blend offers higher quality protein and is plant-based, gluten-free, and free from major US food allergens. Its mild flavor profile makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of baking applications.

These latest additions to Ardent Mills’ portfolio showcase the company’s dedication to providing innovative and inclusive solutions that cater to different dietary preferences and nutritional needs. 

The strategic expansion of its product offerings positions Ardent Mills as a forward-thinking industry leader, responsive to both market trends and consumer expectations.

Meanwhile, Ardent Mills recently announced that it recorded flat net sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2024, which ended on August 27, 2023, according to a report by Conagra Brands, Inc.

In the quarter, net sales were US$2.9 billion reflecting a 0.3% increase from the favorable impact of foreign exchange; and a 0.3% decrease in organic net sales.