USA – Daniel P. Dye, Ardent Mills LLC’s longstanding chief executive officer since its inception in May 2014, has announced his forthcoming retirement later this year. 

Having  steered Ardent Mills towards becoming one of the leading players in the flour milling and grain processing sector, Dye will remain in his role until a new CEO is named and is committed to overseeing a smooth transition.

Under Dye’s leadership, Ardent Mills has undergone significant transformation and expansion, solidifying its position as the nation’s largest milling company. 

Reflecting on his tenure, Dye expressed gratitude for the opportunity to establish Ardent Mills as a people-centric, values-driven enterprise over the past decade. 

He attributed the company’s achievements to the dedication of its team members, who embody Ardent Mills’ core values of trust, service, simplicity, and safety while consistently delivering excellence to customers.

Gonzalo Petschen, chairman of Ardent Mills’ board and president of the Food Solutions Americas group at Cargill, underscored the importance of preserving the company’s values-based culture and emphasized the significance of finding a successor who aligns with Dye’s vision and values.

 “We are conducting a thorough and deliberate review of candidates to ensure our new leader possesses the vision and integrity necessary to drive Ardent Mills’ mission forward – with people and values at the core of all that we do,” Petschen remarked. 

Dye has spearheaded several strategic initiatives to drive growth and sustainability throughout his tenure. Under his leadership, Ardent Mills has expanded its product portfolio, tapping into emerging nutrition trends and diversifying its offerings to meet evolving consumer preferences. 

Key milestones include expansions in innovation centers, acquisitions of companies like Hinrichs Trading Co. and Firebird Artisan Mills, and investments in regenerative agriculture initiatives.

One of Dye’s leadership hallmarks has been his unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within Ardent Mills. 

By encouraging experimentation and embracing new technologies, Dye has positioned the company as a trailblazer in the grain processing industry, poised to meet the challenges of the future head-on.

Acknowledging the industry’s dynamic landscape, Dye highlighted Ardent Mills’ readiness to embrace transformational moves, as evidenced by strategic investments such as the Tampa flour mill. 

Despite challenges, Dye expressed confidence in the company’s future, rooted in its commitment to values, innovation, and growth.

Dye’s career trajectory includes leadership roles at Horizon Milling and Cargill, where he accumulated extensive experience in the grain business. 

He serves on various boards, including the North American Millers’ Association, American Bakers’ Association, Partners in Food Solutions, and the Craig Hospital Foundation.

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