CANADA – Arva Flour Mills, among the oldest operating commercial flour mill in North America, is set to launch the gluten-free line under the Arva Flour Mills brand, Baking Business has reported.

Early this year, Arva Flour Mills acquired the Full of Beans gluten-free brand. Now, the company has announced its intention to introduce the new brand at its retail store and online at this June and later distribute it to other retail locations later this summer.

Since acquiring Arva Flour Mills, it was always our plan to diversify the gluten flours we produce at the mill, with gluten-free flour,” said Mark Rinker, owner of Arva adding that the company I thrilled to acquire the popular and local Full of Beans gluten-free line of products.

In addition to gluten-free all-purpose flour that can be substituted 1 for 1 with gluten flour, Mr. Rinker revealed that the company will also be launching seven other gluten-free products like spicy carrot cake mix, bean brownie mix, and applesauce and raisin muffin mix.

Arva Flour Mill, situated on the banks of Medway Creek in Arva Ontario (just north of London), has been in continuous operation for 204 years, making the Mill, Canada’s 6th oldest continuously operating business and perhaps the oldest agri-food producing Company in Canada.

Mr. Rinker stated that “Since taking ownership of the mill, we have expanded the Arva Flour Mills brand to over 150 grocery and specialty stores in Ontario” adding that the addition of our gluten-free line will further fuel the growth of the brand.

Arva Flour Mills brand includes Artisan Flour, Beer Bread Mixes, Corn Bread Mix, and Red Fife Pancake Mix.

In June 2022, Arva Flour Mills acquired the Red River Cereal brand from The J.M. Smuckers Co and subsequently re-introduced the popular Cereal to more than 500+ retailers in Ontario and Western Canada.

Rinker noted the Mill’s progress, revealing the synergy between Red River Cereal and Arva Flour Mill brands as “complementary”.

According to him, one seems to be helping the other. “Retailers and Consumers alike are receptive, and we continue to carve out our niche with novel product offerings and established brands, in large product categories”.

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