INDIA – Azelis, a global leader in food ingredients distribution, has bolstered its presence in India by expanding its partnership with DSM-Firmenich.

Under this collaboration, Azelis has become the exclusive distributor of DSM-Firmenich’s food enzymes and cultures throughout India, covering a wide range of products from dairy cultures and dairy enzymes to dairy test kits and bakery enzymes.

The move is set to strengthen Azelis’ footprint in India and provide valuable support to customers in the dairy, bakery, and nutrition sectors.

This collaboration is an opportunity for us to further support food manufacturers in India. For over 12 years, we have worked successfully with DSM-Firmenich for food & nutrition,” Dipan Dalal, Market Segment Director Azelis Asia Pacific Food & Nutrition said.

Together, we have collaborated on many innovative projects and managed their extensive portfolio of enzymes and dairy cultures.

He added that the partnership only covered Western India, but the new agreement now extends its reach to encompass North, South, and East India, enhancing its ability to serve customers across the entire country.

Dipan additionally, mentioned that their expertise can be applied to various areas, such as formulating traditional dairy products like curds and lassi, developing healthy drinking yogurts, and creating lactose-free concepts.

Azelis’ bakery enzymes play a vital role in ensuring the consistency of flour and enhancing dough elasticity, catering to the diverse needs of the Indian market, from parathas to brioche.

Christian Petersen, regional sales manager of Asia Pacific at DSM-Firmenich, emphasized that this strategic decision was made to streamline and improve their distribution model in India, aiming to increase customer intimacy and strengthen market penetration.

The Indian food industry is known for its complexity, influenced by global trends, social media, and the growing presence of international food brands,” he said.

He also pointed to the importance of cost savings highlighting key trends that included the growing demand for natural and clean-label products, and the return of home-cooked meals.

The Indian market’s preference for natural ingredients and familiar tastes is driving food manufacturers to reformulate their products, offering clean-label options.”

Azelis has been proactive in expanding its presence and partnerships in various regions. In 2022, the company achieved a turnover of US$4.3 billion, and 2023 has been marked by a series of strategic moves.

These included acquisitions such as Smoky Light and Gillco Ingredients, partnerships with Novozymes, Kerry, and Mane, and investments in technical capabilities and innovation.

Azelis opened a Regional Innovation Center in Singapore, dedicated to food and nutrition, and reinforced its capabilities in India to further support its customers’ needs.

In March, Azelis reinforced its portfolio within the F&B and meat sectors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe by continuing its collaboration with Kerry that started in 2018.

Moreover, the company’s organic growth strategy continued with an agreement with Mane to distribute its flavors and taste solutions in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 

We believe that the extension of partnerships will further assist our customers in simplifying their sourcing process, thus making it easier for them,” Dipan noted.

We have made significant investments in our technical capabilities over the past two years to support our innovation efforts.