BAHRAIN – Bahrain, one of the Arab Kingdoms in the Middle East, has taken a major step towards achieving sustainable food security with the inauguration of a US$12 million Bahrain Agricultural Foods Storage and Security (Bafco) factory.

Founded in 2015 and located at the Bahrain Business Incubator Centre in Hidd, Bafco specializes in the production and distribution of food grains locally and internationally.

The factory in Hidd was conceptualized in 2017 and included the construction of a food grain processing and packaging factory.

According to a statement from Global Data, the factory was planned to produce 6,000 tonnes of natural grains per month with 20% of the output going to the local market and the remaining 80% exported.

The facility’s inauguration was presided over by Abdulla Al Khalifa Shaikh Khalid bin, the Deputy Prime Minister who affirmed the government’s support.

In a statement, Shaikh said that the government is committed to implementing policies aimed at increasing the levels of food security, diversifying and sustaining the supply chains, and upgrading the national capabilities of food industries

He added that the factory constitutes an encouraging and important start towards more investments in the food sector, as well as the business opportunities generated from it, which will be reflected in economic development.

Unknown to many, Bahrain is among the top 50 most food-secure nations, ranking 49th in the Global Food Security Index 2020 according to the kingdom’s Economist Intelligence Unit.

Therefore, Shaikh said that Bafco’s efforts are in line with the objectives of the comprehensive development process, priorities, and policies of the government as well as the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.

During the ceremony, Shaikh noted the interest of the private sector in its investments to enhance the various development fields, including the establishment of food factories, in a way that reflects the government’s support.

He later toured the facilities of the factory and praised the advanced techniques and secure modern technology used across various production stages, wishing the factory officials every success.

In attendance was Sameer Abdulla Nass, Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber for Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

Nass asserted that the kingdom is committed to reaching food security, facing the challenges the world is witnessing in securing food and supply chains, and ensuring the flow of food by pumping more investments into the food industry sector.

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