GERMANY – Bayer has gained the exclusive rights to a new biological insecticide developed by UK-based AlphaBio Control, which is the first-ever biological insecticide tailored specifically for arable crops, including oilseed rape and cereals.

Pending further development and registration, this bioinsecticide, scheduled for launch in 2028, is a collaboration between Bayer and AlphaBio Control, known for distributing FLiPPER, a bioinsecticide-acaricide.

Benoit Hartmann, Head of Biologics at Bayer’s Crop Science Division, highlighted the importance of innovative solutions in agriculture, stating, “Farmers need innovative new solutions as they seek to continue to feed a growing population, overcome the impacts of climate change, and meet enhanced safety and sustainability standards. Biocontrols are a perfect fit to our approach to scaling regenerative agriculture, and we’re excited to work to bring a new biological crop protection option to farmers that can be used for arable crops.

The new bioinsecticide exhibits promising efficacy against coleoptera insects, such as the cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB), notorious for its damaging impact on oilseed rape crops. 

The CSFB, prevalent in the United Kingdom and much of Europe, poses a significant threat throughout the growing season. 

It causes symptoms like ‘shot-holing,’ stunted growth, and poor plant health.

Marta Ruiz, General Manager for AlphaBio Control, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Bayer, stating, “We are delighted to license Bayer exclusive rights to our latest bioinsecticide, which will significantly improve the choices available to arable farmers wishing to reduce the environmental impact of food production.”

While biological options have been available for high-value vegetable and horticulture crops, their application in arable crops has been limited by cost considerations. 

Bayer aims to overcome this challenge by integrating the new bioinsecticide into its systems approach, leveraging digital tools to maximize cost efficiencies and scalability.

Ralf Glaubitz, the Head of Global Asset Management for Seed Growth and Biologics at Bayer’s Crop Science Division, has emphasized the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. 

He mentioned that due to the increasing demand from farmers and changing consumer preferences, they anticipate major growth potential for biological crop protection. 

The company is committed to outgrowing the market and achieving more than 1.5 billion euros in biological sales by 2035. However, this is only possible if it innovates to solve the challenges that farmers face in all fields.

In addition to addressing the pressing need for effective pest management, the as-yet-unnamed biological insecticide aligns with Bayer’s broader commitment to reducing the environmental impact of crop protection products. 

By aiming to decrease environmental impact by 30% by 2030 without compromising crop yields and health, Bayer reinforces its dedication to sustainable agricultural practices.

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