USA – Benson Hill recently concluded a feeding trial with US poultry giant Perdue Farms, showcasing the advantages of incorporating meal derived from its Ultra-High Protein, Low Oligosaccharide (UHP-LO) soybeans into broiler diets. 

This trial is a significant step forward in demonstrating the value of Benson Hill’s proprietary soybean genetics in enhancing animal nutrition and reducing feed costs.

The feeding trial, conducted over 42 days and involving over 2,400 chickens, evaluated various parameters, including feed conversion ratio (FCR), weight gain, foot pad quality, overall animal health, and growth rates. 

The results confirmed that including UHP-LO soybean meal throughout all stages of broiler production significantly reduced feed costs while maintaining performance levels. 

Kurt Long, Vice President at Benson Hill, emphasized the higher protein and metabolizable energy inherent in soybean genetics as the driving force behind these results.

Long highlighted three key attributes of UHP-LO soybeans that make them appealing to animal companies, soybean processors, and farmers: elevated protein levels, reduced antinutritional factors, and competitive yields. 

The concentrated protein in UHP-LO soybean meal improves feed efficiency and sustainability, allowing nutritionists and feed formulators to create more balanced and cost-effective diets for broilers.

In addition to reducing feed costs, UHP-LO soybeans offer environmental benefits through their lower oligosaccharides, complex carbohydrates that most animals cannot digest.

Benson Hill’s soybeans support cost-reduction efforts while enhancing feed efficiency by replacing these complex carbohydrates with more digestible sugars, such as sucrose.

Looking ahead, Benson Hill is committed to further enhancing UHP-LO soybeans over the next two years and plans to conduct extensive animal feed studies across the swine, poultry, and aquaculture segments.

According to Long, the company will focus on increasing protein, amino acids, soybean yield, and oil percentages across a broad maturity range to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality soybeans for its stakeholders.

The success of the Perdue Farms trial underscores the economic and environmental advantages of adopting UHP-LO soybean meal in animal feed production. 

Long emphasized that every margin counts in the feed industry, and that Benson Hill’s soybeans empower producers to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and align with consumer demands for nutrition, sustainability, and animal welfare.

In other news, Benson Hill announced the appointment of Dan Cosgrove as Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel. 

With a wealth of experience in agriculture technology and business development, Cosgrove’s appointment signals Benson Hill’s commitment to serving large-scale soy markets through innovative seed solutions that deliver better feed, food, and fuel.

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