SPAIN- Bioflytech, one of Europe’s leading companies in producing industrial insect protein for animal feed, has announced that work is progressing well on the plant it is constructing in Palas de Rei, located in the Spanish autonomous region of Galicia. 

According to the company’s statement, the company is currently setting up rendering and drying plants. It is poised to revolutionize the insect protein flour production sector. 

The first of the six fattening halls will begin operations in the upcoming weeks. Each hall is expected to produce 2,000 tons of fresh black soldier fly larvae annually. 

This production will continue until the maximum capacity of the first phase is reached, which is 12,000 metric tons per year. The target for achieving this capacity is the first quarter of 2024. 

In the coming years, there are plans for additional significant investments in this plant to achieve an annual production of 100,000 metric tons of black soldier fly larvae.

This new Bioflytech plant features a gas rendering installation designed by the company. This unique technology is unparalleled in the market and will enable the production of customized flours with precise protein and fat percentages based on customer requirements. 

The Palas de Rei plant will also have a second conventional rendering line, which is currently in the testing phase and is expected to start production in November.

Bioflytech was founded in 2012 as a biotechnology company affiliated with the University of Alicante. Six years later, Moira Capital acquired most of the company’s capital, and by the end of 2019, it relocated its operations to Fuente Álamo.

Bioflytech obtains mainly four products from the black soldier fly:

  • Dried larvae obtained after almost complete drying of the fresh larvae and contain highly digestible protein and all the necessary components for the diet of poultry, fish, and other animals.
  • High-protein meals.
  • Fats obtained from the larvae without using chemical agents or solvents.
  • Compost obtained due to the biodigestion of the plant material produced during the fattening process.

Bioflytech’s dried larvae are specially designed as a feed diet for laying hens and broiler chickens. The protein meals are intended for the pet food, aquaculture, and poultry industries and, to a lesser extent, for animal feed in the fur industry. 

Fats are primarily used in animal feed and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Compost is used as a fertilizer.

Bioflytech’s first and, so far, only plant in Fuente Alamo currently produces 4,000 metric tons of fresh larvae per year. One of the world’s most prominent black soldier fly hatcheries is here, making 180 kilograms of black soldier fly eggs monthly. 

Bioflytech’s strategic plan includes an investment of 2.8 million euros this year in various improvements at this plant. The goal is to increase monthly egg production to 350 kg, among other objectives. 

With the launch of its second plant in Spain, operated by its subsidiary Alternatives Fats and Proteins of Galicia, Bioflytech will solidify its position as one of the global leaders in producing insect-derived products for the animal feed industry.