COLOMBIA – BioZyme Inc., a global leader in AO fermentation, has announced Nuproxa Colombia S.A.S. as its newest distribution partner for the AO-Biotics product line in South America. 

Nuproxa Colombia, part of the Nuproxa Switzerland distributor network, specializes in providing natural products and solutions to its clients.

The partnership marks a strategic move for both companies, as Nuproxa Colombia seeks to enhance its portfolio with high-quality, natural products aligned with its mission and vision. 

Alvaro Ospina, General Manager of Nuproxa Colombia, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “The AO-Biotics portfolio aligns well with our mission and vision of providing the highest-quality, natural products to our customers.”

Fernando Bargo, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Business Development and Innovation at BioZyme, emphasized the mutual benefits of the partnership, highlighting Nuproxa’s commitment to innovation and health solutions for animals. 

With care that comes full circle at the core of everything we do, their commitment to innovative products that provide health and nutrition solutions for animals is a perfect fit,” stated Dr. Bargo. “We are excited to partner with this progressive company to distribute AO-Biotics products to customers in Colombia.

BioZyme launches new line of VitaFerm cattle mineral for all seasons

In a recent similar move, BioZyme Inc. launched VitaFerm ONE, a new line of cattle mineral products to promote cattle performance in all seasons. 

The first product added to the line is the VitaFerm ONE free-choice mineral. A pressed block is also currently under development, with an anticipated launch at a later date.

We are excited to offer VitaFerm ONE for all producers. It is an effectively fortified supplement that offers cow-calf producers a simple way to ensure cattle are getting the nutrients they need year-round. It provides one solution when putting out mineral to groups of cattle and or when you have different pasture scenarios to manage,” says Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme director of beef technical sales. 

In addition to Amaferm, VitaFerm ONE is fortified to meet cattle nutritional needs year-round using high-quality ingredients. 

As Cassady pointed out, it simplifies the labor and management for those operations that might run cattle on multiple pastures with different types of forages or different groups of cows in various stages of production. VitaFerm ONE is one solution for all seasons. 

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