CANADA-Blendtek Ingredients Inc., a premier ingredient solution and product development company, has entered into a strategic distribution with the giant commodity trader, Cargill.

This new partnership strengthens Cargill’s distribution network across Canada leveraging Blendtek’s locally-stocked and customer-focused distribution capabilities.

Blendtek company, headquartered in Cambridge, specializes in providing high-quality Organic & Conventional Food ingredients, Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Ingredients among other ingredients.

Despite the company being operational since 1878, the Blendtek brand is still not widely recognized.

Partnering with Cargill aims at tapping into the market competitiveness and expanding its penetration and market possibilities from a trusted market leader Cargill.

According to Rob Bianchin, Vice President of Blendtek Ingredients, the partnership was created with customer-centricity to provide Canadian food manufacturers with an opportunity to partner with Blendtek’s highly customer-focused solutions.

Cargill which enjoys a trusted market leadership position will bring expansion opportunities to Blendtek from its top-tier ingredient portfolio and technical expertise as well as support Blendtek’s product development and ingredient solutions.

Concurrently, Blendtek will supply Cargill ingredients including starches and texturizing solutions, high stability oils and specialty fats, industry-leading sweeteners, sugar reduction solutions, sustainably sourced traditional and artisanal chocolate, cocoa, and more.

In addition to distributing Cargill’s comprehensive portfolio, customers can tap into Blendtek’s expertise in product formulation and in-house blending capabilities to support continued product development and innovation

This agreement is not new for Blendtek as the company fulfills its mission of collaborating with industry partners to develop products fueled for success.

In July last year, Blendtek entered an agreement with Bunge, the world’s leader in oilseed processing and a leading producer and supplier of specialty plant-based oils and fats to supply plant alternatives in North America.

The agreement was not only converged to the distribution of Bunge’s protein alternatives, but Blendtek was also to provide product formulation expertise and blending capabilities to help customers quickly meet rising consumer demand.

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