MEXICO- BoMill AB expands its network in the Americas through a distribution agreement with I.P. Global Tech & Machinery, a leading supplier of processing equipment and services to the grain, food, and seed industries in Mexico.

In relation to our focus on flour milling and malting businesses, Mexico offers an attractive potential for BoMill. Partnering with I.P. Global Tech & Machinery, an experienced solutions provider in those targeted segments will help us accelerate the commercial development of  BoMill InSight™ in the region. We are excited to collaborate and develop a long-term partnership.”, commented Andreas Jeppsson, CEO of BoMill.

BoMill InSight targets industrial grain companies with sustainability objectives, enabling them to optimize their grain supply and enhance product quality. 

This includes grain producers, such as large cooperatives and grain elevators, as well as processors like flour mills and malt producers.

BoMill InSight stands out due to its revolutionary modular approach, offering maximum operational flexibility and easy upgradability. Its smart frame design and compact footprint facilitate quick and trouble-free installation in both new and existing grain processing lines. 

Additionally, its cost-efficient installation, operation, maintenance, and upgradability ensure a rapid return on investment for customers.

Established in 1988, I.P. Global Tech & Machinery is a leading provider of industrial automation and control products for the bulk industries, in particular grain, food, and seed, in Mexico. 

Their solutions include dosing, mixing, grinding, screening, sorting, and packaging equipment from leading European brands.

Our partnership with BoMill is a great opportunity to extend our portfolio with a solution that can support our customers, in further improving the quality of their products and their process. BoMill InSight™ is an exciting new equipment and we are keen to start introducing it to the Mexican market,” says Vittorio Cipelli, Director and Owner of I.P. Global Tech & Machinery.

Similarly, BoMill recently forged a distribution partnership with Nexeed Inc., a provider of grain, food, and seed processing equipment solutions, specifically for the Canadian market.

The Canadian market offers great potential for the commercial development of BoMill InSight. We are thrilled to start collaborating and building a long-term partnership with Nexeed Inc., such a well-known provider of grain processing solutions in the region,” commented Jeppsson.

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