SWEDEN-The Swedish agritech company BoMill AB has launched a grain sorting solution brand BoMill InSight™, the first equipment of its kind, capable of sorting individual grains on their inner properties on a commercial scale.

BoMill InSight features advanced grain sorting solution capabilities allowing for segregation of grains kernel by kernel, at an industrial speed of up to 15 metric tons per hour at a rate of 125,000 kernels per second using grains’ inner qualities such as protein content or fusarium contamination.

The revolutionary modular approach of BoMill InSight™ offers maximum flexibility for operations and easy upgradability.

Also, its smart frame design and compact footprint allow easy and rapid installation in new or existing grain processing lines.

According to the company, the decision to launch follows over six months of industrial tests which scrutinized the stability of the sorting, and the overall robustness and capacity of the BoMill InSight™ solution which were satisfactory.

Besides, the equipment offers new sorting opportunities to grain processors which the customers have already recommended its ease of operation, a crucial feature when bringing this new technology to the market.

The company looks forward to having this equipment become one of its kind in the market and a Gold Standard within the grain industry. This is with respect to the mode of its development based on the internal qualities of each kernel.

According to Andreas Jeppsson, CEO of BoMill AB, the grain value chain faces many challenges and must find new ways to be more sustainable, reducing crop losses while improving supply and process efficiency.

He added that BoMill InSight™ allows for increasing the profitability of grain processors sustainably by having a cost-effective technology in the grain industry.

In addition to ability to support more efficient supply and use of grain raw materials, the new sorter reduces waste and helps increase food safety in milling operations

The company is rolling out the sales and marketing plan to involve BoMill’s partner. However, Before the launch, two orders have already been received for BoMill InSight™.

Among the orders received is from the leading mobile grain processor in Scandinavia, GL. BUURHOLT, which is scheduled to be delivered during Q1 2023.

BoMill also intimated that it is also on schedule to deliver another order from Europe’s largest milling group, GOODMILLS GROUP in Q2 2023.

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