USA- Boogie Lab, a leading European food technology company renowned for its innovative approach to sourdough fermentation, is set to make its mark in North America with the launch of Boogie Bakery in New York City. 

This venture marks the company’s first US-based “micro-bakery,” incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance quality, efficiency, and accessibility in the baking process.

Founded by Karlo Vulin and Mladen Vidovic, Boogie Lab has gained recognition for its unique sourdough fermentation techniques, leveraging smart fermentors and advanced sensors to precisely control the baking process.

Dennis Turcinovic, co-owner of Delmonico’s restaurant in New York City and co-founder of Boogie Lab USA, will spearhead the company’s expansion efforts in North America. 

Turcinovic’s role includes overseeing all US operations, including the opening of the first Boogie Bakery next to Delmonico’s, which will also be the first restaurant in North America to serve Boogie Lab’s bread.

Delmonico’s has been setting the table for nearly two centuries and has played a pivotal role in the American dining experience,” Turcinovic remarked.

According to Turcinovic, the launch of Boogie Lab USA will introduce American consumers to the unparalleled quality and delicious taste of better-for-you artisanal bread crafted with the aid of cutting-edge food technology.

Karlo Vulin emphasized the company’s commitment to revolutionizing bread production through the integration of nutrition and technology. “With years of artisan practices, and a background in food science, our team has developed proprietary technology that will allow us to become the first scalable artisan bakery,” Vulin stated.

What makes our bread so revolutionary is that we intertwine the power of nutrition with the power of technology. By using artificial intelligence, we ensure our baking methods produce distinct bread that is perfectly baked every time. We use only three ingredients to craft bread that is both minimally processed and easy to digest.

Boogie Bakery’s product portfolio will feature a variety of sourdough-based bread, pastries, and sandwiches, showcasing the company’s dedication to quality and innovation in artisanal baking.

As Boogie Lab expands its presence in North America, it aims to redefine the baking industry landscape by offering consumers a unique and unparalleled bread experience crafted with the aid of advanced food technology.

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