INDIA- Bühler, a renowned Swiss technology group, has revealed its intentions to expand its manufacturing operations within the country, as it marks its 30th anniversary in India.

Over the next few months, Bühler India is set to diversify its production to encompass a broader range of core product portfolios, serving the grain milling, food, feed, and advanced materials sectors.

This decision to boost investments in India marks another significant milestone in Bühler Group’s enduring relationship with the country, a journey that commenced three decades ago with the establishment of Bühler India in Bengaluru. 

Notably, this inauguration was attended by the then Swiss Ambassador to India and Bühler’s former Chief Financial Officer, Philipp Müller.

Bühler India has since evolved into one of Bühler Group’s foremost global technology hubs, featuring manufacturing facilities, research and development teams, application centers, and training establishments.

Currently employing 600 individuals, Bühler India has been producing top-quality grain and food processing equipment for clients both domestically and internationally. Its business has witnessed growth exceeding 10% over the past three years.

In August 2022, Bühler India took a significant step by introducing the manufacturing of Sortex color sorters, a crucial technology enhancing food quality and safety in the grains and food industries. Additionally, the company offers retrofitting and refurbishing services for existing Sortex machines.

Bühler is elevating its presence in India by expanding its product range to encompass equipment catering to the growing milling industry within the country. Production has already commenced for its Plansifter Arenit & Purifier Norit, a vital component in the flour production process for sifting and sorting grist and flour in wheat, rye, maize, and durum mills. 

Other core machines, including purifiers and roller mills, are in the pipeline and are anticipated to be available to customers by 2024. Moreover, Bühler India intends to continually expand its core product portfolios to serve the feed and advanced materials sectors.

This strategic move aims to solidify Bühler India’s position as a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for the grain milling industry. Presently, Bühler India’s Bengaluru premises, spanning 32,000 square meters, house the company’s headquarters, a manufacturing center, and an Application & Training Center (ATC) catering to multiple industrial applications. 

The ATC serves as a platform for customers to conduct product and equipment trials, optimize processes, and provide training at all operational levels, from mill proprietors to managers and operators.

Johannes Wick, CEO of Grains & Food at Bühler Group, highlights the advantages these new solutions manufactured in India will bring to customers.

With these new solutions produced in India, customers will benefit in multiple ways: shorter delivery times, increased supply chain efficiency, and an improved CO2e footprint for their equipment,” Wick remarked.

Prashant Gokhale, Managing Director of Bühler India, underscores the company’s commitment to celebrating its 30th anniversary in India by investing approximately US$23.53 million over the next two to three years. 

This investment aims to bolster customer success regionally and internationally, create new job opportunities, and contribute solutions to global challenges like food security and safety. It underscores Bühler’s endeavor to combine state-of-the-art technologies with local expertise to provide the most sustainable processes and solutions to its customers.

For this journey, Bühler places strong reliance not only on the expertise and dedication of its teams but also on nurturing talent in a systematic and practical manner. The Bühler Academy in Bengaluru is dedicated to cultivating young talent through high-quality vocational training. 

To date, approximately 200 apprentices have graduated from the Academy, with around 80 currently in training. The growth plans include further investments in new talent, with plans to hire around 300 employees over the next two to three years.

Without our employees, we could not have achieved this new milestone in manufacturing in India for India,” Prashant Gokhale said. “Therefore, we sincerely thank our teams for the 30 years of engagement and hard work. We move ahead with energy and commitment to keep adding value to our customers, teams, partners, and the country.”

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