USA- Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables LLC marked a pivotal moment on March 4 as they initiated the construction of a cutting-edge oilseed processing plant adjacent to their existing facility on the Gulf Coast in Destrehan, Louisiana, US.

The groundbreaking ceremony witnessed the convergence of key figures including Beth Billings and Greg Miller, state representatives, Holly Fonseca and Willie Comardelle from the Parish Council, alongside other notable attendees like Stacey Orlandi from Chevron Renewable Energy Group, Luciano Salvatierra from Bunge, Matthew Jewel, the Parish president, and Bob Fisher, a member of the Parish Council.

With an anticipated operational commencement in 2026, the newly announced processing facility is designed to be adaptable, and capable of handling a variety of oilseeds such as soybeans and softseeds, including innovative winter crops like canola and CoverCress, among others. 

The aim is to bolster the scale and efficiency of Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables, aligning with the surging market demand for renewable fuel feedstocks.

According to company officials, the plant’s operations will not only cater to renewable fuel needs but also contribute to the burgeoning feed and protein markets through the production of meal products.

Luciano Salvatierra, Bunge’s Senior Vice President of Renewable Fuels, expressed, “This new facility is another step in our long-term strategy to improve our capabilities at scale for the renewable fuels market and to reduce the carbon intensity of our own and our customers’ value chains.

The expansion initiative is anticipated to generate over 150 employment opportunities during the construction phase and subsequently add 30 new jobs during its operational phase, providing a notable boost to the local economy.

Stacey Orlandi, Director of Manufacturing at Chevron Renewable Energy Group, highlighted the significance of this investment, stating, “Having greater ability to process softseeds, including novel winter oilseed crops, will help advance our innovation in the feedstock space and meet the growing demand for renewable fuels.”

Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables, a collaborative effort between Chevron USA, Inc. and Bunge North America, Inc., underscores a strategic partnership aimed at pioneering renewable fuel feedstock development. 

Leveraging Bunge’s expertise in oilseed processing and farmer relationships combined with Chevron’s proficiency in renewable fuels production and marketing, the joint venture is poised to make substantial contributions to the renewable energy landscape.

As per the joint venture agreement, Bunge will oversee the operation of processing plants in Destrehan, Louisiana, and Cairo, Illinois, while Chevron holds purchase rights for the oil to utilize as feedstock in the production of transportation fuels with lower lifecycle carbon intensity.

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