MIDDLE EAST- Bunge, a global leader in food and agribusiness, has announced the launch of Beleaf™ PlantBetter in the Middle East and Africa region. 

This innovative plant-based alternative to butter, celebrated for its exceptional taste, texture, and versatility comparable to dairy butter, follows the successful launch of Eleplant, the retail version of Beleaf PlantBetter, in Europe last November.

Beleaf PlantBetter is poised to address the growing demand for high-quality, environmentally responsible butter substitutes. Bunge will introduce this groundbreaking plant-based innovation at the Gulfood expo in Dubai from February 19 to 23, 2024, at booth Z1-F3 in Za’abeel Hall 1.

As the demand for dairy alternatives continues to soar, Beleaf PlantBetter emerges as the solution to the challenges faced by food manufacturers and bakers seeking plant-based alternatives that replicate the sensory qualities and functional versatility of traditional dairy butter.

Particularly in bakery applications such as baklava, croissants, cookies, and cakes, it has been challenging to achieve the desired aeration, volume, and taste with most butter substitutes. Furthermore, the fluctuating prices of dairy butter have heightened the demand for innovative solutions.

Beleaf PlantBetter represents a game-changing innovation by Bunge, combining the sustainability benefits of plant-based ingredients with the unmatched sensory experience and functionality of dairy butter—all while offering a lower cost-in-use compared to butter,” explained Aaron Buettner, President of Food Solutions at Bunge.

Beleaf PlantBetter offers sensory excellence and functionality, capturing the distinctive aroma, taste, and texture of traditional butter. It is primarily composed of coconut, cocoa butter, rapeseed, and lecithin.

Initially developed for bakery applications, the solution is designed to expand into other dairy and confectionery applications in the future. 

Manufacturers and bakers enjoy considerable benefits

According to Bunge, the innovative Beleaf PlantBetter offers sensory excellence. Blind sensory panel studies conducted in three countries demonstrate that Beleaf PlantBetter is comparable to premium national butter brands.

It also promises reduced input price volatility since manufacturers can reduce costs and achieve stability in the face of fluctuating dairy butter prices.

Moreover, Beleaf PlantBetter offers the same processing method as dairy butter, ensuring smooth integration into the production process.

In addition to its sensory and functional benefits, Beleaf PlantBetter is environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions by 50% compared to regular dairy butter. 

This achievement has been independently verified through a third-party study conducted by the Terra Institute.

Furthermore, Beleaf PlantBetter consists of easily identifiable ingredients sourced from natural origins, meeting consumers’ demand for transparent food products.

This offering highlights Bunge’s confidence in the potential of Beleaf PlantBetter to establish a new standard in the plant-based foods industry.

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