BRAZIL – Bunge, a global agribusiness giant, has cemented a pivotal partnership with xFarm Technologies, a leading player in precision agriculture and digital farm management solutions to revolutionize agricultural practices and champion sustainability. 

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in Bunge’s mission to bolster its Regenerative Agriculture Program in Brazil, underscoring its commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technologies to address the agricultural sector’s evolving challenges.

xFarm Technologies, founded in Switzerland in 2017 by CEO Matteo Vanotti, has emerged as a trailblazer in smart farm management solutions. 

With a footprint spanning over 100 countries and 50 supply chains, xFarm Technologies boasts a formidable presence in the global agricultural landscape. 

The company’s suite of innovative applications, underpinned by artificial intelligence, encompasses a diverse array of tools to enhance farmers’ efficiency and promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Rossano de Angelis Jr., Vice President of Agribusiness at Bunge for South America, elucidates the strategic imperative behind the partnership: “We believe that a fundamental point of our program is to equip producers and the supply chain to transition to low-carbon agriculture. Through the partnership with xFarm Technologies, we combine their expertise in technology and precision agriculture with our deep knowledge of grain chains to consolidate a powerful regenerative platform focused on generating value for producers.”

Central to Bunge’s Regenerative Agriculture Program is the seamless integration of advanced farm management solutions, including agronomic data analysis, to empower producers and optimize agricultural practices. 

Leveraging xFarm Technologies’ state-of-the-art solutions, which harness data from field-installed equipment such as weather stations, intelligent sensors, and satellite imagery, Bunge aims to streamline its producers’ daily operations while fostering sustainable practices.

Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the shared vision of promoting sustainable agriculture. 

Making agriculture more sustainable is a fundamental goal for us, and with Bunge, we can do this by being their technological partner in Latin America’s largest regenerative agriculture project,” affirms Vanotti.

The partnership between Bunge and xFarm Technologies heralds a new era of innovation and collaboration in the agricultural sector, focusing on driving tangible environmental and social impact. 

Currently, approximately 50,000 hectares of Brazilian producers’ farms are undergoing digital transformation through the implementation of xFarm Technologies’ solutions, with support from Orígeo, a technical partner of Bunge’s Regenerative Agriculture Program in Brazil.

Bunge’s ambitious expansion plans underscore its unwavering commitment to promoting regenerative agriculture practices on a global scale.

With aims to cover 600,000 hectares of cultivated areas by 2026, the program represents a holistic approach to sustainability, integrating regenerative practices with the demands of food and biofuel companies committed to reducing emissions across their value chains.

In addition to premium payments and free access to technical assistance and digital precision tools, Bunge’s Regenerative Agriculture Program offers crucial support for adopting sustainable inputs, underscoring its commitment to empowering producers and driving positive change in the agricultural landscape. 

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