BURKINA FASO – The Burkina Faso government has launched a US$41 million project to boost grain production under the “Emergency Project for Strengthening Agricultural Production in Burkina Faso” (PURPA-BF).

Ismaël Sombié, Minister in charge of Agriculture, officially launched the project on February 6.

The project is financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and will be implemented over a period of 2 years in all regions of the country. It targets several crops, including wheat, corn, rice, sorghum, soya, cowpea.

According to information relayed by the local media sources , the interventions will notably focus on the distribution of 34,000 tonnes of fertilizer and 3,000 tonnes of certified seeds of “  high-performance and climate-resilient varieties  ” at subsidized prices to small farmers. . 

Speaking at the launch, Daniel Gampiré, the project coordinator highlighted that  PURPA-BF will cover 250 municipalities for a total of 102,000 direct and 612,000 indirect beneficiaries, with a concentration of activities around the large irrigated plains.

The project seeks to achieve production of 1.1 million tonnes of cereals (corn, rice and sorghum), 59,200 tonnes of legumes (cowpea and soybeans), as well as the introduction and intensification of wheat cultivation. 

In Burkina Faso, cereals constitute the basis of the population’s diet. These strategic crops for the country’s food security have benefited since 2023 from several public programs aimed at strengthening their production.  

In September last year, the country launched a US$16 million project for the development of the rice and corn sectors under the “Integrated Development of Agricultural Value Chains Project” (PDI).

Gaoussou Sanou, secretary general of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries Resources commissioned the project on September 29, of which, 84% of the envelope was  ​​financed by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

According to the executives, this government program which mainly targets the rice and corn sectors would be implemented in the Hauts-Bassins region over a period of 5 years.

The project envisioned to develop 729 hectares of agricultural land, 32 km of road, the construction of 10 agricultural greenhouses, rice parboiling units, corn processing and storage warehouses.

In addition, the project aims to contribute to achieving the objectives of the Agro-pastoral and Fisheries Offensive 2023-2025 plan that the government launched recently.

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