CHINA- Calysta’s revolutionary FeedKind protein has received formal approval for use in aquaculture feeds in China, representing a significant milestone for the company’s joint venture with Adisseo, Calysseo. 

After an extensive evaluation process by the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), Calysta’s single-cell protein has received full approval for incorporation into fish and shrimp feeds.

The approval signifies a pivotal moment for Calysseo, the joint venture between Calysta and Adisseo, as it prepares to distribute its first product to customers in China through Adisseo’s extensive sales network. 

With MARA’s endorsement, Calysseo can now commercialize and utilize the protein in Chinese aquaculture feeds.

Calysseo’s first production facility, located in Chongqing, is already operational and is producing sustainable FeedKind protein for the aquaculture industry. 

This breakthrough provides producers with an alternative to traditional plant- or animal-derived feed ingredients, improving the sustainability and resilience of aquafeed diets. 

FeedKind is created by harnessing the capabilities of a naturally occurring microbe that converts methane into a nutritious and environmentally friendly feed ingredient.

Sun Bin, Chairman of Calysseo, emphasized the significance of this development in advancing food production systems towards sustainability and bolstering global food security. 

By providing feed producers with a domestically sourced, reliable feed ingredient that is immune to weather or climate-driven supply fluctuations, FeedKind contributes to a more resilient food supply chain.

FeedKind is a natural, sustainable, and traceable feed ingredient produced through fermentation, without the use of plant or animal ingredients. 

Extensive trials across various aquaculture species, including shrimp, seabass, and salmon, have confirmed its effectiveness. Research has highlighted distinct benefits for shrimp, showing that FeedKind promotes strong growth and enhances the immune response to Vibrio, the causative agent of early mortality syndrome.

Herman Hong, Adisseo’s Aquaculture Manager for China, praised MARA’s approval as a significant milestone in the integration of fermented proteins into global food systems. 

MARA’s endorsement goes beyond regulatory validation, highlighting the healthiness and practicality of FeedKind as a crucial ingredient for sustainable aquaculture practices. 

This approval paves the way for the Chinese aquaculture sector to set new standards in sustainable feed utilization.

With Calysta’s FeedKind protein gaining regulatory approval in China, it heralds a new era of innovation and sustainability in aquafeed production, positioning Calysseo as a leader in providing environmentally responsible solutions to the aquaculture industry.

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