THAILAND – Global agribusiness leader Cargill and VPF Group, a prominent player in the Thai pork market, have joined forces in a strategic partnership to fortify Thailand’s pork industry and cater to the surging demand for high-quality pork. 

The collaboration aims to streamline the pork value chain, with Cargill focusing on manufacturing swine feed at the VPF Chiang Mai facility while VPF manages other aspects of pork production.

The partnership leverages Cargill’s cutting-edge technologies and expertise in feed production and quality control, enabling the production of nutritionally optimal swine feed that meets stringent safety standards. By doing so, VPF Group aims to enhance its farm productivity and deliver top-tier, safe pork products to Thai consumers.

Thailand has witnessed a significant annual increase in pork consumption, with demand rising by 3.91%. Notably, the northern region ranks second in pork consumption nationwide, accounting for 18% of the total consumption. 

The collaboration between VPF Group and Cargill is poised to address this growing demand by ensuring the availability of high-quality pork for consumers in the region.

Cargill, with over four decades of experience in animal feed production and distribution in Thailand, brings its state-of-the-art technology and global standards to the partnership. 

Today, Cargill  Thailand has various products, including animal feed, grains and seeds, texturizing solutions, chocolate decorations, and food and beverage ingredients.

The company’s tailored feed compositions are designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of pigs at different life stages, promoting overall health and performance.

Akkarit Boontawee, Country Director of Cargill Animal Nutrition Business in Thailand, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and quality standards.

Our strategic approach not only fosters growth but also bolsters immunity, health, and vigor of the animals, while contributing to the healthy supply of pork,” Boontawee stated.

Under stringent hygiene protocols, VPF Group will raise pigs, ensuring their safe and optimal growth, resulting in high-quality pork suitable for consumption. The collaboration underscores the mutual commitment of both companies to enhance the quality and safety of pork consumption in Thailand, addressing the evolving needs of consumers in the region.

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