USACargill, a global leader in food and agriculture, recently announced the successful completion of its expansion and modernization project at the integrated soybean crush and refined oils facility in Sidney, Ohio. 

The upgraded facility, which became operational in September, represents a significant milestone in Cargill’s commitment to serving local farmers and meeting the increasing demand for soy products in various markets, including food, feed, and renewable fuels.

This project is a game-changer, nearly doubling the previous crush capacity at the facility and creating new market opportunities for regional farmers and feed customers. By boosting demand for soybeans and providing improved access to soybean meal and hulls, Cargill aims to enhance the overall experience for its customers.

We’re proud to make this investment at our Sidney facility. We’ve been in business for 45 years here, and we appreciate the long-standing relationships with local farmers, food and feed customers, and the local community,” Justin Rismiller, U.S. Crush Soy Commercial Leader for Cargill, commented.

The project, which ran concurrently with the existing plant’s operations, presented a complex challenge that Cargill successfully navigated. Rismiller attributed this accomplishment to the dedication of the Cargill team, who worked tirelessly to provide a state-of-the-art facility that will serve customers and the community for generations to come.

Cargill’s Sidney facility, initially established in 1978 with the addition of a refinery a decade later, has become a crucial link between soybean farmers in the region and customers, both local and global. This expansion is one of several initiatives by Cargill to modernize and increase capacity within its North American oilseeds network.

Cargill initially announced the expansion project in November 2020. As part of this endeavor, twelve concrete silos, each capable of holding 89,000 bushels of grain, were demolished, along with a larger metal silo designed for 320,000 bushels of grain at a former Landmark grain facility. 

Over the years, the facility had changed ownership multiple times, with each owner making additions and improvements.

Cargill strategically decided to remove these structures as part of its US$225 million expansion project, aimed at meeting the growing demand for protein and refined oils. This investment reinforces Cargill’s commitment to sustainability, technological advancement, and the enhancement of local agricultural communities.

With the successful completion of this expansion, Cargill is well-positioned to contribute to the growth and development of the soybean industry while offering enhanced services to its valued customers in Sidney, Ohio, and beyond.