USA- Cargill, a leading player in the agribusiness sector and a grain elevator, has unveiled Cargill Elevate, a comprehensive suite of grain marketing solutions designed to equip farmers with the insights, tools, and expertise needed to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Ryan Dwyer, Program Leader of Cargill Elevate, emphasized the farmer-centric approach of the initiative, stating, “Our grain representatives actively listen to farmers and understand that no two farmers have the same needs. Cargill’s industry-leading portfolio of pricing solutions empowers farmers to take charge and execute their individual grain marketing plans to meet their individual goals.

According to the company, the Cargill Elevate grain marketing solutions portfolio comprises:

Market Insights: Cargill will provide farmers with free access to condensed updates on market developments, drawing from the company’s extensive insights into global supply chains. Subscribers will receive timely and relevant information to inform their business decisions, enabling them to navigate market dynamics more effectively.

Pricing Solutions: Recognizing the importance of diversification in risk management and maximizing returns, Cargill offers a diverse array of contracts tailored to farmers’ specific needs. These contracts, including Price Contracts, Insure Contracts, and Enhance Contracts, allow growers to customize their grain marketing strategies according to market conditions, cash flow requirements, and risk tolerance levels.

Cargill Elevate+: Going beyond market insights and pricing solutions, Cargill Elevate+ offers enhanced services tailored to provide growers with more in-depth market analysis and personalized cash grain recommendations. Additionally, customers enrolled in Cargill Elevate+ will gain access to BushelFarm, a leading farm management software offering comprehensive insights into operational and financial performance. The launch of Cargill Elevate+ is slated for summer 2024.

By providing farmers with access to cutting-edge tools, expert insights, and tailored solutions, Cargill Elevate aims to empower growers to make informed decisions, enhance profitability, and maintain competitiveness in the dynamic grain market landscape.

The introduction of Cargill Elevate underscores Cargill’s ongoing commitment to supporting farmers and fostering innovation within the agricultural sector. As the agricultural landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like Cargill Elevate play a pivotal role in driving sustainable growth and resilience within the industry.

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