USA – Cargill has announced the release of its new PalmAgility 600 series, a line of patent-pending compound coating fats designed to enable bakery and snack manufacturers to create indulgent, premium treats.  

These new products offer improved heat stability and help delay fat bloom in compound coatings, extending product shelf life and enhancing visual appeal.

The PalmAgility 600 series is ideal for various applications, including enrobing, bottoming, drizzling, molding, and fillings. 

Cargill says these products are perfect for chocolate-covered donuts, cookies, snack cakes, snack/nutrition bars, and molded products. The series currently includes five non-hydrogenated products that cater to different textural preferences, from compound coatings with a harder “bite” to decadent fillings with a soft, creamy mouthfeel.

The big advantages with the PalmAgility 600 line are its improved heat stability and its ability to delay fat bloom in compound coatings used for bakery and snack products,” said Serpil Metin, principal product developer at Cargill. “There is lots of interest in the marketplace for premium, indulgent products. The PalmAgility 600 range delivers on that ask, creating products with a more pleasing visual appearance across the product’s shelf life.

Cargill expands with new office hub in Atlanta

In other news, Cargill is opening a new office hub in Atlanta, Georgia. This move aligns with the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in key geographies to better serve customers, attract talent, and drive growth through technology innovation.

The new Atlanta hub, which is expected to open in the fall, will initially house Cargill’s Digital Technology and Data (DT&D) organization. 

The company plans to hire approximately 400 professionals in various fields, including data engineering, generative artificial intelligence, systems, applications, and products (SAP).

Georgia and Atlanta are welcoming, business-friendly environments that provide an ideal backdrop for Cargill’s investment in technology and innovation,” said Brian Sikes, board chair and chief executive officer of Cargill. “With a new office hub in Atlanta, Cargill will be able to harness the immense potential of digital technology to drive our business forward.”

Jennifer Harstock, chief information and digital officer at Cargill, highlighted Atlanta’s thriving technology sector, noting that it will support Cargill’s global food innovation goals. 

Atlanta’s rich pool of technical talent provides unparalleled access to the expertise needed to drive our digital transformation,” Harstock said. “Employees working at this facility will help create digital solutions that power our global food supply chain, harness analytics and artificial intelligence to open new markets, and drive technical innovation to make our food system more sustainable and accessible.

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