UK – Cargill UK is gearing up to unveil its latest breakthrough in piglet nutrition – Neopigg Shield® piglet starter feeds – at the upcoming Pig and Poultry Fair, scheduled to take place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham on May 15-16, 2024. 

This innovative range of starter feed diets is poised to revolutionize how piglet health and immunity are managed.

Responding to the industry’s evolving demands, particularly the shift towards zinc-free diets, Cargill UK has developed Neopigg Shield diets to optimize piglet performance and well-being. 

Drawing from formulations that garnered widespread adoption across Europe since 2022, the company has meticulously tailored these diets to meet the specific requirements of UK pig production systems.

What sets Neopigg Shield diets apart is their holistic approach to supporting four crucial pillars essential for mitigating digestive upsets post-weaning:

Protein Digestion: These diets incorporate highly digestible and readily utilizable protein sources with minimal gut fermentable protein content.

Immune Regulation: Enriched with elevated levels of nutrients known to bolster rapid immune response and contain anti-inflammatory components.

Intestinal Flora: Fortified with functional metabolites and prebiotics, this product stabilizes gut microorganisms, fosters beneficial populations, and strengthens the intestinal lining.

Mucin Effect: It is enhanced with antioxidants, essential oils, and specialized processed carbohydrates to fortify the mucin layer lining the gut, which acts as the first line of defense against pathogenic bacteria.

Backed by extensive farm trials, including evaluations conducted on 10 different commercial units in the UK involving 25,000 piglets, Neopigg Shield diets have delivered exceptional results. 

Compared to piglets fed zinc oxide (ZnO) diets during the initial two weeks post-weaning, those on Neopigg Shield diets demonstrated an up to 8% improvement in live weight by the ninth week post-weaning. 

Moreover, 60% of piglets fed Neopigg Shield diets exhibited comparable or firmer feces, underscoring the diets’ efficacy in supporting digestive health.

The Neopigg range, including Neopigg Max diets, incorporates specialized Cargill ingredients and additives renowned for their effectiveness in the post-weaning phase. 

Of note is that all Neopigg diets feature Cargill’s sustainably sourced and supplied Triple S Soya.

Neopigg Shield offers producers enhanced flexibility within the Neopigg range, empowering them to select diets tailored to their unit, system, and piglet requirements. 

Committed to excellence and innovation, Cargill UK’s pig specialists collaborate closely with producers to optimize piglet nutrition and drive sustainable growth in the swine industry.

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