ANGOLA —Carrinho Agri, a subsidiary of the Carrinho Group, has reported purchasing 12,000 tons of corn in 2023 from the municipalities of Andulo, Camacupa, and Cuito in the Bié province, Angola.

This achievement forms part of the company’s broader strategy to support 29,194 local farmers, according to Júlio César, the provincial manager of Carrinho Agri in Bié.

As the driving force of the agricultural transformation process in Angola, CARRINHO AGRI is fully committed to the reintegration of family farming into the economy, which represents 80% of total production.

According to the company, the purchases and assistance are elements of the Family Farming Incentive program, initiated two years ago with an aim to enhance agricultural production in the country.

The program covers the provinces of Benguela, Huíla, Huambo, Malanje, and Cuanza-Sul and is set to extend until 2030, aligning with governmental goals to achieve self-sufficiency in corn and other key crops like beans, rice, soybeans, and wheat.

For the upcoming 2023/2024 agricultural campaign, Carrinho Agri intends to increase its support to 32,000 producers in Bié.

The goal is to expand large-scale food cultivation across the provinces involved, emphasizing financial support and purchasing the farmers’ produce. The previous agricultural season saw around 8,700 producers receiving assistance from the program.

Carrinho Agri is dedicated to promoting agricultural production, providing seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and technical assistance to enhance yields,” stated Júlio César.

This comprehensive support structure not only aids in production but also ensures the processing of raw materials within the Carrinho Group’s industry.

Expansion in Huambo

In the Huambo province, Carrinho Agri’s manager, Airton Santos, announced plans to purchase over 14,000 tons of corn from the Bailundo/Londuimbali division within the next two months.

This initiative involves 11,917 farmers cultivating corn on 6,690 hectares. A significant investment of over 434 million kwanzas has been made to supply family farmers with necessary inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and production equipment.

To date, Carrinho Agri has purchased 25 to 30 tons of corn, and it expects to meet the target in the coming months.

Despite facing challenges from middlemen, the company remains optimistic about its ability to secure loyalty from participating farmers.

 This loyalty is critical as Carrinho Agri aims to reach approximately two million producers nationwide by 2030, encompassing 58,000 families and operating on 54,500 hectares.


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