FRANCE- CCPA Group has developed the THERMO range, with new solutions to preserve the performance of animals during expected periods of high heat.

CCPA Group is a French company specializing in animal nutrition and health, offering solutions that optimize the performance of animals through an all-in-one comprehensive nutritional approach.

Their THERMO range comprises preventative and intervention-focused nutritional solutions specific to each species, and digital solutions that help anticipate and manage the impact of high temperatures on animals.

Heat stress is a major challenge in animal production, with effects like decreased feed intake, degradation of intestinal integrity, and electrolyte losses impacting various species in different ways.

This kind of stress is especially a significant issue today as Earth experiences the eighth warmest year on record, and its effects on animal production are bound to persist if the situation does not change.

In Europe, the year 2022 had its hottest year yet, significantly affecting the yield of animal production between June and September.

Official bodies, like Met Office, predict that summers in 2023 will be hotter than in 2022, necessitating feeding and livestock management strategies that ensure thermal comfort and support breeding performance.

Nutritional solutions customized for different species

CCPA’s THERMO range has nutritional solutions that cater to the needs of each specific species because the experts recognize that heat stress has differing effects on different species.

According to the company, Thermo solutions have demonstrated a direct action on the significant decrease in body temperature in dairy cows and pigs.

A trial conducted in Israel on the effectiveness of the Thermo Plus, a nutritional solution for ruminants, demonstrated improved milk production and dry matter intake in supplemented dairy cows and increased enzymes related to cell protection.

In swine, a Mexican trial confirms improved performance in animals receiving Thermo Control.

These nutritional solutions, containing sensitive plant extracts, are prepared with a technology that protects the active ingredients during production and packed in easy-to-use sachets that livestock producers can utilize effectively.

Digital innovations against heat stress

Apart from offering nutritional solutions, a significant part of the THERMO range involves the utilization of digital tools to help producers anticipate heat stress-induced behavior in animals and respond accordingly.

One of the tools, Thermo Plan, analyzes the level of heat stress exposure of animals based on meteorological data.

On the other hand, CCPA uses Thermo Tool’s Temperature-Humidity Index (THI) to help livestock producers predict the quantities of products needed according to the size of the herd and local risk levels.

Additionally, Chorus, CCPA’s rationing software for ruminants, has a new thermal comfort parameter that allows adaptation of energy, protein, and micronutrient recommendations depending on thermal conditions.

CCPA has other innovative solutions for animal health and nutrition, including the ProActiv’ range specially conceived for poultry and the Vivactiv’  solution that improves the digestive efficiency of ruminants.

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