USA – Ceres Global Ag Corp., a Minnesota-based Agri commodity trader, has announced a strategic partnership with Lavie Bio Ltd., an Israeli agricultural biologicals company, to bolster sustainability initiatives in grain production across the United States and Canada. 

The collaboration will see Lavie Bio’s bio-inoculant, Yalos, integrated into Ceres’ regenerative agriculture programs, marking a significant step forward in sustainable farming practices.

Headquartered in Rehovot, Israel, Lavie Bio, a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., specializes in developing biological alternatives to synthetic products in crop inputs. 

Yalos, their flagship product, is designed to seamlessly integrate with farmers’ existing operational methods, offering a sustainable solution for crop enhancement.

Ceres Global Ag, known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture, sees this partnership as instrumental in furthering its mission to support farmers’ productivity while meeting the growing demand for sustainably grown products. 

By incorporating Yalos into its initiatives, Ceres aims to drive value for both growers and milling customers in the spring wheat, durum, and oat segments.

Carlos Paz, President, and CEO of Ceres Global Ag, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing its potential to advance regenerative agriculture practices. 

We believe that regenerative agriculture is essential in combating climate change and fostering positive outcomes for our farm partners and the planet,” stated Paz. “Through our partnership with Lavie Bio, we can promote more efficient growing practices and deliver tailored solutions to meet the needs of our strategic customers.

Amit Noam, CEO of Lavie Bio, echoed Paz’s sentiments, highlighting the synergies between the two companies’ missions. 

Ceres’ extensive presence in North American agriculture aligns perfectly with Lavie Bio’s commitment to sustainable farming,” said Noam. “Our goal is to produce healthier food, foster a sustainable environment, and increase productivity, and partnering with Ceres exemplifies our dedication to achieving these objectives.

The collaboration between Ceres Global Ag and Lavie Bio underscores the importance of cross-sector partnerships in advancing sustainable agriculture. 

In a related move in February 2023, Ceres Global Ag. forged an exclusive partnership with Grupo Trimex, Mexico’s largest flour miller to pioneer regenerative agriculture initiatives, with a specific focus on expanding programs within Canadian and US hard red spring wheat supply sheds.

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